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How to Master Networking in College




Networking is something everyone needs to learn in college, but not enough people realize it in time. While your degree and grades definitely hold weight for finding employment, networking lets you make impressions that can give you a huge advantage. These are tips for doing your best networking in college.


Take Advantage of Career Services


The career services department is there for you to make the transition from college to the professional world with ease. You don't need to be on the precipice of graduation to warrant using career services. Stop by anytime in your college life if you have questions about connecting with important people. There's also likely to be information about things like job fairs. You can also find details about upcoming job fairs in your area through services such as Eventbrite. At these events, come in your best clothes with your resumé and some practiced pitches that put your experience and credentials in full view.


Connect With Other Students


You can network with your fellow students as a great means of helping each other out. Although you might not immediately have the power to help them land a great job, your awareness of each other and your skills can really come through in the long run. You can even use non-traditional classes to help with your networking. According to Rutgers, taking online courses allows you to connect with a more diverse body of students around the world. If you find another student in online discussions who you're especially admiring of, try to stay in touch with them through social media sites, such as LinkedIn.


Be Consistent


Networking pays off when you're focused on consistency. Every person you meet is a new opportunity for you to further your career. While most of these encounters won't pan out into a high-paying position, they can help you get all the closer to that dream. You shouldn't see people solely as a means of making money, but you can still network on personal lives. According to BusinessBall, whatever happens with meeting someone, you're putting yourself on the radar of someone who could very well benefit from your presence in their life or know someone else who could. If you have the skills and persistence to make it to college, you can definitely network successfully.


Networking doesn't put any serious strain on your schedule. It can be done in the classroom, at special events, and even on the internet. You should be seeking to gain plenty of skills in college, and networking is transferable no matter what your major is. If you're getting ready to enter college, remember to make as much time for networking as you do for studying and socializing.


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