Invest in Your Long-term Future

Invest in Your Long-term Future

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Package Breakdown

  • Foundational Support

    Get started with 1 hour of strategic consulting per month, tailored to your needs. High schoolers receive Strategic College Consulting, focusing on college readiness and applications. College students and beyond benefit from Strategic Career Consulting, guiding career exploration and readiness.

  • Advanced Performance

    Take your progress to the next level with our comprehensive package. Enjoy 1 hour of consulting per month, along with an additional 30-minute performance coaching session per week and a 1-hour productivity session per week. This 1:1:1 package is designed to supercharge your growth and success.

  • Maximum Achievement

    Striving for maximum results? Our Maximum Achievement Package is perfect for you. It includes 1 hour of consulting per month, two 30-minute performance coaching sessions and three 1-hour productivity sessions per week. The 1:2:3 package gives you the optimal support and structure to maximize your achievements.

Basic Package

For a more flexible arrangement, choose our Basic Package. You'll receive 1 hour of consulting every other month, allowing for greater independence and self-paced progress.

Add Ons

College Admissions Consulting (list building & application essay assistance)

Extra Productivity Sessions

Coaching or Consulting Sessions

Test Prep or Tutoring