Empowering Students For Success With Academic & Performance Coaching

Empowering Students For Success With Academic & Performance Coaching

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academic success

Enhance Academic Performance

Our academic & performance coaching techniques empower students to optimize their study skills, develop effective time management systems, and overcome academic challenges. This results in improved grades and academic success.

Usha Ravilla

My son has been coached by Nikki from Student Coaching Services for past two years since he was in 9th grade. The best coach I have come across so far, and she always put an individual attention to the student to ensure my son is on top of his extra curricular and academic. Very approachable at any time, and she always makes time to fulfill the needs of my requirement. I’m glad that I found her and I’ll be working with her for my daughter too for her school admission.

support for students with adhd

Customized Support and Strategies For Students with ADHD

Our services are designed to provide personalized guidance and support for students with ADHD. We understand the unique challenges and needs associated with ADHD, and our experienced coaches are equipped with strategies and techniques to help students thrive academically.

personalized guidance

Guidance for College Admissions

Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance to help students secure admission to their desired colleges. Whether you're navigating career choices, selecting the perfect college, crafting standout application essays, or seeking scholarships, we've got you covered.

Harold Parra

Nikki was instrumental to my college student and prospective college student's school selection process and application process. She provided really excellent feedback on all of their essays. They agree they couldn't have done it without her!

Career Guidance

Alli Gutenkunst

I really enjoyed meeting with Nikki one on one. We discussed how I could further my career in my chosen field and suggested avenues for doing so that I hadn’t previously thought of. She suggested different local networking groups I could connect and other job related sites to look at. If you’re looking to make a career change or feel dissatisfied in your current position, I highly recommend chatting with Nikki!

Sean St. Clair

If you're a struggling college student like me, do not be embarrassed to reach out for help, and do not hesitate to reach out specifically to Nikki Bruno.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for my whole life, but it wasn't until I got my more recent ADHD diagnosis that I considered alternate forms of help besides just therapy. I have talked at length with therapists and psychologists and psychiatrists (useful for their own thing, don't get me wrong), but I was starting to feel ready to just *do* the things I want to do rather than talking about them, and so my psychiatrist recommended a student coach.
And well, it's been cheaper than therapy and far more effective! I'm allowed to say that, right? I'm not a medical specialist.

Anyway, if this sounds like you, I am actually suggesting you give a consultation meeting a try. It'll still take a little effort on your part, but you'll very quickly be doing specific things to realize your goals (for me it was "not failing all of my classes again" 💖)

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