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How to Cope With Your Life Stresses in College

You’re experiencing your first taste of real freedom. You’re taking the classes you want to take, studying the subjects you’re interested in plus managing your schedule and your own money. You’ve been excited about this stage of your life forever, but there was one thing you might not have been prepared for: the stress.

Life suddenly gets a lot more complicated when you’re making decisions on your own and everything hinges on your choices. Part of getting an education is learning how to cope with your life stresses in college.

Getting the Work Done

If you haven't already, it's time to get in the habit of maintaining a planner, making a schedule, and accounting for your time. Time is your most important resource. You want to finish college and earn your degree so you can be prepared for the next stage in life. You've got to make school your top priority.

It’s fine if you have competing priorities. This is your life, and no matter what your school demands are, you have to live it so that you are happy. EnvisionExperience recommends determining which things are most important to you, specifically. Build your life around those things. If that’s school, then double down on it and prioritize accordingly.

It's okay to be a little selfish concerning school. By scheduling the time you need to attend class, complete assignments and study, you'll reduce your stress considerably by never feeling short on time.

Planning Ahead

Plan projects ahead of time. There's such a thing as good and bad procrastination. If you immediately familiarize yourself with an assignment and your approach to it, procrastinating can help you refine your thoughts as long as you give yourself enough time to complete the assignment.

If it's crunch time and you're looking at the assignment for the first time, you're doing it wrong. Schedule your meetings in advance, and thoroughly familiarize yourself with your degree plan. Find out which classes fill up quickly or are offered infrequently and prioritize taking them first.

Figuring out the biggest sources of stress will help you prioritize. Make a list of everything happening in your life, as well as everything in the foreseeable future. You can lead a more balanced and successful course of study if you understand what your stress levels will be.

Determining Your Course Load

Concerning your course load, you won't be able to eliminate stress, but you can manage it. It will take some experimentation to figure out how many classes a semester you should be taking. Some classes are more challenging than others and will require more time.