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Ideas to Create the Perfect Senior Portrait


Senior year is probably the most iconic year for most public school students. There’s lots to do! From hanging out with friends who you might not see again to applying to college, a lot of important memories will be made here. There is no better way to capture and store those memories than making use of great photography. It is no wonder many high schoolers spend hours figuring out plans and themes for their own senior portraits. But there's no need to panic or rush, with enough time and planning, as well as the following helpful tips, senior pictures should be a breeze.


Practice Ahead


When it comes to photography, lighting is everything. Start with getting a camera that has proper light control settings so that the photos will be neither overexposed or too dark. Take time and find corners of the school or other places where the light is just perfect. Also, consider trying to take the photo at different times of the day and see how the lighting appears. Compare different light settings and settle for the one which looks best. Take trial photos to help you see how your profile looks when you are standing or sitting in different positions. When you have this trial photo session, you will figure out how to place your hands when you are posing for the photo, the sitting pose that makes you look elegant, and how to smile without overdoing it. This way, by the time the real photoshoot is happening, you'll ensure the best photos are going to be taken.


Have a Theme in Mind


Image credit: Emily Darr


The aim of getting a senior portrait is to tell the rest of the world more about yourself.

Therefore, you need to capitalize on ways that you can show off your personality and your talents through the photography. Consider themed poses with your sports gear, in the lab, your art classroom, or somewhere completely different from a school setting. For example, you can have a woodland or floral theme on the grounds your high school if you're not a big fan of lockers and classrooms.


Figure out the Colors That Flatter Your Skin


Another pro tip which will help you get the perfect portrait is choosing and wearing colors which go well with your skin tone. There has to be that one sweater you've been told brings out the color in your eyes, or the shirt which makes your skin tone pop. Try on different colors and take cell phone photos to help you figure out the color that will look most spectacular on you ahead of the photoshoot.


These are a few of the tips and pointers that will help you have the perfect senior portraits taken. As long as you prepare well ahead of time, the photos will be awesome, and you'll have something great to share with your family.


Featured image credit: Tip Junkie


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