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How To Find the Perfect College for You

There are millions of graduating students who dream of finding the perfect college. For the majority, there is no such thing as a perfect fit. However, there is such a thing as the right fit. Searching for the right college fit has much to do with exploring one’s self, and then finding the college that can best prepare the person to achieve personal goals.

Consider the following:

  • College location

  • Distance to travel

  • College size

  • Majors and classes offered

  • Options for housing

  • Student body makeup

  • Availability for extracurricular activities

  • Overall campus atmosphere

Consider Your Major

College hopefuls should think of their major and required courses. Is the education to acquire a specific job, or is it to get an education that covers a wide range of career possibilities? This is when an open mind can be most beneficial. Many students learn to challenge their own assumptions about what will work.

Tap Your Network for Feedback

Students can also talk to people in their circles like friends, relatives, counselors, and parents to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Your own personal homework will help to lead you in the right direction as well. Gain as much information as possible from the college’s website and guidebooks.

Work with College Admissions Officials

Admissions personnel are always willing to assist others who may be considering college. Check out college student blogs and visit the college campus if possible. Speak with students. They are always happy to share their experiences. It is possible to be successful at many different schools after having conducted the right research. So even if you haven’t had luck getting admitted to traditional universities, but you can always look at non-traditional colleges like Steven Henager, or bootcamps such as General Assembly for specific subjects like coding.

Search for the Right Financial Aid Package