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Applying to College? Be Yourself!

Applying to college can be daunting for even the most prepared high school student and graduates. No matter how many extra-curricular activities you participate in or how high your grades are, you may feel there is constant room for improvement. If you are like most high school students, you are probably preparing your application years earlier than when you are submitting it.

It is common for students in grades ten and eleven to attend SAT workshops, learn a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, participate in high school sports, and more, on the unstated assumption that such abilities and skills will look favorable to a college admissions officer. The truth is, there is no one mold of college student. For assistance when determining what colleges look for, consult with a student coach today.

Pretending to be someone you are not will just lead to frustration, boredom, and, ultimately, burnout when focusing on your education, your college degree, and your future career. For instance, you may have joined a local fencing team or Irish Dance class in order to show your interest in a foreign, exotic sport. However, if you would rather be playing soccer, you will not enjoy fencing or Irish Dance as much. You will not progress as much as you would like and ultimately, your participation in activities you have no interest in will be a waste of time.

Much of the same advice can be found around the web, on sites like The Princeton Review. The goal of this article, however, is to not parrot others’ points. It is to help you realize future success by focusing on how you view yourself in the past, in the moment, and in ten years. To help you visualize your future progress and create a timeline trajectory of your future goals as they relate to your education, consider consulting with a professional student coach.

How Can I Visualize My Goals? I Haven’t Achieved Anything Yet!

You may be in high school and you may think that you have not accomplished anything because, well, the vast majority of people have a high school degree. Actually, there are a great many things you can do to raise your prestige to prospective colleges while still gradually implementing your goals.

Here are some ways you can start on the road to success while still in high school:

  • Self-publish a book and sell it on Amazon.

  • Produce a no-budget indie movie and show it at a local film festival.

  • Start a sports team for neighborhood youth.

  • Learn a cool language and start offering translation service to local businesses.

  • Build a web application and market it online.

A Visualization Model: Past, Present, and Future