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Scholarship Hunting: What to Do and What to Apply For

Scholarship Hunting: What to Do and What to Apply For

With the costs of a university education rising each year, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for high school students to fund their university degrees. Even if they receive help from their parents and work a full time job, they may not be able to cover tuition alone, being forced to take out loans from the bank.

However, if you qualify for a scholarship, you may not have to experience this issue. Scholarships range in size from a few hundred dollars to full compensation for your university costs. Here is what you need to look for when scholarship hunting to stay out of debt when you graduate. For more information, contact a student coach today to help you scholarship hunt effectively and land that dream scholarship.

Scholarships Come from a Variety of Sources

The possibilities to receive scholarships are practically endless. Scholarship requirements are as diverse the scholarships themselves, with potential scholarships available from the government, the colleges themselves, ethnic/cultural/religious organizations, social societies, private donors, and more. Although it is quicker to simply take out FAFSA financial loans, you really should research every scholarship that you are eligible for and apply. An experienced student coach will have many resources with which to help you find such scholarships.

Even if you do not think you will qualify for it, or you think some other prospective college student is more qualified than you, if no one else applies for the scholarship, it is pretty much yours. This may seem odd that no one else would apply for what is essentially free money but more than 2.9 billion dollars in scholarship aid to college students has not been claimed yet.

Suddenly, receiving a scholarship of 10,000 USD if you go to a state school, or 20-30,000 if you go to a private college for instance, seems like a much more realistic goal than you originally thought. A student coach can provide you with a realistic perspective on scholarship hunting and tuition reimbursement using a variety of sources and connections.

The Best Place to Search For Scholarships is Online

The Internet is at your fingertips and it is easier than ever before to search for scholarships. Many scholarship search engines exist to make your search easier, like College Board, College Net,, Fastweb, and Scholarship Monkey. Join one of these sites and set up a profile. The site’s search algorithm will then compare your profile to their list of potential scholarships and match you with the ones you are eligible to apply for.