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The College Visit Checklist to End Them All

A Quick Guide to Making the Most of Your College Visit

  • Call your admissions department to verify and finalize any information regarding your college visit

  • Research any official college tours taking place, both official and unofficial. Some clubs and student organizations also give tours, and these may be incredibly informative.

  • Bring any material sent to you by the college with you. Your college tour guide may need to verify your conditional or full acceptance if you are on an official tour.

  • Give yourself plenty of time prior to the college tour’s start to find a restaurant in the area and relax before the tour. You will be learning a lot and you should feel rested when you do.

  • If you want to visit another area of the college not covered on the tour, ask your tour guide if they can visit the area after the set itinerary is fulfilled.

  • Check out the various classrooms and libraries. You do not know yet which ones you will use but their quality, and the quality of the students there, are good indications of the academic merit of the college.

  • If you are a prospective sciences student, visit the labs. Labs may not be as well-equipped as you thought. This can have a significant effect on your college experience and education.

  • If you have a question, ask the college tour guide. They are there to help you learn everything you can about their institution. Students passing by are also great sources of information.

  • Visit all the schools you are considering attending. You cannot learn as much by watching YouTube videos on the college’s promotional channel or the official promotional brochure they send out.

  • If you can, visit your favorite colleges multiple times. You will learn new things every time you do.

  • Visit during unconventional hours if you can. Seeing the campus on the weekend will provide you with a much different experience.

  • Follow up with your admissions officer. They may invite you to another, more specialized event regarding your intended college major.

  • Try and make connections with current students if you can. Remain connected online with students and the university to receive up-to-date information regarding your student status and the college in general.