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What school supplies should I get?

Ah, a new school year. Isn't it so fresh, the sawdust smell of new pencils, the sleek feel of folders not yet crushed by books? Oh, you haven't gone shopping for school supplies yet?

Good news! Some states have tax holidays for school supplies and even computers!

Now that you're motivated, what do you buy?? There are so many options flooding the office supply aisles!

Luckily, many teachers send out a list of exactly what they want. In higher grades, though, you're on your own.

What matters most? Quality. These supplies will take a beating. They will be used every day. They might last several years if you take enough care of them! That's a big "if" though, so save the hassle by doing it right the first time.

Not to be ignored is how easy the supplies are to use. Pens that make your hands cramp and bulky hole punchers are so last century. Nowadays we have the technology to create comfortable, simple, and stylish ways to create and organize. If you don't enjoy using it, you won't! So make sure you enjoy it.

Essential back-to-school supplies:


The most important investment you can make is into a solid backpack. Well, and a college fund too, but let's not go there just yet. A good backpack has a back and straps that are padded, and a chest or hip buckle to spread out the weight. Which, should be no more than 15% of the wearer's body by the way!

Check out this classic canvas bag or this sturdy laptop bag. The ideal bag has plenty of pockets to organize materials with, not to mention some style!

What about inside the bag? Get something to sort all the odds, ends, and odd ends into, like this awesome customizable