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Is there more than one way to be smart?

Is there more than one way to be smart?


According to a popular theory, there are many types of "intelligence" that a person can have. Some people are strong in one area, and not so strong in the rest. Others are equally strong in many areas. Sometimes, a student can be strong or weak in the same "intelligence", it just depends on the topic!

It's possible to increase the strength of any intelligence type, but it's not always needed. When it comes to studying, efficiency is key. Students should focus on using their strengths when learning new material. Sometimes this requires extra effort, but it's worth it in the end. High-quality study sessions lead to higher chances of achievement.

Howard Gardner, the theory's creator, wrote about at least nine types of intelligence:

  • Musical-rhythmic-harmonic

  • Visual–spatial

  • Verbal–linguistic

  • Logical–mathematical

  • Bodily–kinesthetic

  • Interpersonal

  • Intrapersonal

  • Naturalistic

  • Existential

Not one of these types of intelligence is greater than the other. They are just different ways in which we view the world. They are the primary ways in which we understand ideas. It only makes sense to work within the perspective we feel at home in.

Here's a brief description of each type. In later posts, I'm going to describe learning techniques perfect for each one. You may find you fit into many categories on some level or another. Congratulations, you're about to get better at studying!


If you have strong musical-rhythmic-harmonic intelligence, w