Every year, hundreds of thousands of students embark on a degree in criminal justice. Indeed, there are elements in this career that many individuals find appealing. Most people are surprised at the diverse career paths that are available to someone who achieves a degree in criminal justice. Consider some of the following examples.

Practicing Law

Naturally, this is the top career choice that many people think of within the field of criminal justice. A career in law will have a lot of appeal, mostly to those who can present a lot of empathy and enjoy the give-and-take of extroverted conversation. According to LawAdvisor, a career in law will also appeal to those who can act as an advocate. Of course, a lot of skills in personal organization, diplomacy and trustworthiness are needed for those who embark on a career in corporate law.

Forensic Psychology

A person in this field can expect to be able to make a decent living. Median salaries for these careers are often around $43,000 per year. Moreover, this occupation is a rewarding and challenging line of work. According to Maryville.edu, Forensic specialists often work with victims and offenders and contribute valuable research to law enforcement. As a clinical psychologist, you evaluate witnesses, assess the consistency of the facts of a case, work with legal professionals as a mental health expert and much more.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

An immigration enforcement agent is a certified peace officer whose duties include the enforcement of US immigration law and providing humanitarian relief for families on the border. According to Criminal Justice Hub, ICE officers might also be tasked with determining if any drugs or other contraband have been smuggled into the country as well. They generally make around $75,000 per year if they have a criminal justice degree.

Homicide Detective

Homicide detectives often work hand-in-hand with police officers, and they are responsible for helping to solve murder cases. Many times the details in a homicide can be extremely grisly, so this career path is not for the faint of heart. However, homicide detectives realize they can be a huge asset to the police force and their community. Individuals in these positions can usually expect a salary of $62,000 per year or higher, according to CSI-EDU.

These are just a small sampling of some of the careers available for graduates with a degree in criminal justice. There is no doubt that it is an exciting field with a lot of lucrative job opportunities available!

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