Today, we live in a multicultural society and many businesses operate internationally. This has driven many employers to seek out bilingual employees. While being bilingual alone will not get you a job necessarily, it can give you a clear advantage over a person that only speaks one language in certain career fields. Hiring employees that can speak more than one language allows businesses to expand and communicate with customers and clients who speak other languages. Being bilingual not only benefits the company, but it can earn you more money as well. Below are some career fields that have a high demand for bilingual employees.

Emergency Services

When it comes to emergencies, time is precious and sometimes seconds mean the difference between life and death. It is important for emergency responders to be able to effectively communicate with anyone who needs help. If you are unable to speak a certain language, this can delay the response time or cause an improper response. Most major cities have a large segment of the population that does not speak the native language or that are bilingual. These jobs have the potential to interact with a wide variety of people who speak many different languages.


A common misconception is that nursing is a fairly limited career, but the truth is quite the opposite. There's a variety of nursing career options, so you can pick the path that suits your interests best. It can be tremendously beneficial to be bilingual in nursing because many patients may show up for help who don't speak the native language. In some cases, an entire family may not be able to speak the language. This can make treating them very difficult if you are not bilingual. This can be a frustrating situation for the patient and their family, especially during an emergency.

Customer Service Agent

Customer service agents typically communicate with a diverse group of customers and potential customers. It is important for them to be able to speak different languages to help their customers. Also, bilingual agents have the potential of bringing in new customers.

Sales Representative

The key to becoming a successful sales representative is being able to communicate with potential customers. This is why it is very important to be bilingual. You have the potential to make more sales if you can fluently speak more than one language. Potential customers will be more comfortable and open if you can speak their language.

In closing, many employers now prefer bilingual employees because they offer many benefits to the company. Some of the fields that are seeking out employees that can speak more than one language are emergency services, nursing, customer service agents, and sales representatives. This trend is expected to continue because we now live in a multicultural society.

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