Hello and welcome to our annual list of the best holiday gifts for students in high school and college! You will find everything from gadgets to educational materials and even a few fun surprises here. Have fun browsing!

Lenovo Yoga 920

A fabulous, fast, and versatile Windows 10 OS touchscreen laptop/tablet

College Hacks

The ultimate survival guide for college!

Apple iPad Pro

A fabulous, fast, and versatile Mac iOS tablet

Portable Charger

Keep those batteries full, on the go!

A Sturdy and Stylish Backpack

Complete with a charging port!

Instant Film Cam & LED Photo String

Capture memories and display them immediately!


Stave off the Freshman 15

SAT Prep

It's never too soon to start studying! Scholarships await...

Apple Watch

Stay fit and organized

Rotating Surge Protector

Room and safety for all the gadgets

Adorable Doorstop

Because why not?

Wearable Reading Lamp

Also great as a flashlight or nighttime running accessory!

Classic Weekly Planner

Simple, efficient, effective. A must-have for organized students.

Cornell Notebook

Study like a pro using the highly-recommended Cornell note-taking system

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Focus or relax in even the most distracting environments

Bed Riser Power Outlets

No more crawling under the bed to plug in a phone!

Waterproof Portable Speaker

Crank the tunes, even in the pool or shower!

Microwave Omelette Maker

Perfect for easy mornings in the dorm!

Handheld Steamer

Quicker, easier, and safer than ironing

Heated Blanket

Perfect comfort for those long, late-night study sessions

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