With graduation season right around the corner, many college grads will be researching their best next move in order to maximize their access to career opportunities. They’ll be updating their resumes, sending applications, practicing their interviewing skills, and more. Taking the time to study the hottest job markets for your desired career path will help you to land in a place that delivers ample job opportunities. Here are three US cities that are in dire need of new college grads with specific majors.

Boston, Massachusetts

With over 20 major hospitals in the Boston metropolitan area, the city is known for its commitment to providing the latest in exceptional medical care. Boston also boasts a high number of institutions of higher learning, giving students the opportunity to further their education in various health-related fields. Because of the proliferation of medical centers and research institutions there, Boston is an ideal place for grads to launch or further a career in medicine. In addition to general medicine, the city has a high demand for health specialists and researchers.

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Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa is no longer just relegated to flyover-state status, and Des Moines has earned the nickname of the Silicon Prairie thanks to its booming tech industry. This growth has attracted many recent graduates with technology degrees to the area. Also, with a new presidential election season coming up soon, the region will be gearing up for the important role that it plays in politics, creating a need for those people with majors in political science and governmental policies. The Iowa Caucus plays a large role in United States elections and will need new graduates to fulfill all the related duties.

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Seattle, Washington

As more businesses and individuals get priced out of Northern California's Silicon Valley, Seattle has quickly become a hotbed of technological innovation. In addition to Redmond giant Microsoft, Amazon's headquarters in South Lake Union also continues to expand at a rapid pace. Amazon recently announced plans for a second headquarters split between New York City and Northern Virginia because Seattle does not have enough people to fill all of the high-tech positions. If the economy remains strong, look for this region to continue to add more tech jobs at a fast pace.

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By choosing cities where your particular skill set and educational background are in demand, you can maximize the chances that you'll land a job in the field that you desire. Check out these three cities and get ready to launch your dream career.

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