If you are looking for your next great job, it can be hard. However, it does not have to be. If you have the right skills, then nothing can stop you from landing your dream position with a company you are truly proud to be a part of. However, do not send out another resume without making sure you rock it by highlighting these eight leadership skills in your past job positions.


Communication is one of the most crucial leadership skills. In any line of work, you are going to need to communicate effectively. This is the case with your boss, your coworkers, and with customers, even if you are not in a customer-facing role. This does not just apply to face-to-face communication either! Because of our modern age, it is good to practice and improve your written communication through email, texting, and other written forms of communication, but there is also an entirely different skill set for communicating over the phone, or even talking on a video call. Practice all forms of communication so that you will be prepared in the future. As you work on your communication, it is a good idea to make sure that you are coming off the way you think you are.

Goal Setting

The ability to set goals will set you apart as a leader among men and women. Those who can set goals to get farther in life are happier, make more money, and get the jobs they want. Without a purpose, you will merely drift through life and never have the motivation to put in those extra hours to succeed. In addition, hiring managers love to hear that you have goals and that you are committed to helping the company with theirs as well. You can do so by developing strategic leadership skills that include knowing when or when to not take risks, showing results, and knowing how to value the people under you and the tools you have in your business.


The world does not have time for negative people. And this is even more the case in business. Numbers and cash flow do not care about your feelings. That might be the hard truth, but it is important to understand. Find ways to turn every situation into a positive and show employers that you do not let setbacks hold you down. A positive attitude is powerful and contagious. Companies are not looking for people who have a negative outlook, but those who can always find room for improvement and keep their head up. As cheesy as it sounds, it is effective. Having a positive outlook in an interview can be a game changer.

Working with Others

There is value in working well independently. However, most companies are looking for people who can work with other employees. If you are more solitary and not as talkative, you might have to change how you present yourself. A big part of working with a company is getting along with your peers, and it looks good when you can do so. Studies show that 86% of employees in high-standing positions blame lack of collaboration for failures in the workplace. Companies are looking for people who can work as a team and socialize with others. When adding experience to your resume look for any projects that involved working with a team or leading group settings. This is a great opportunity to list some of the specific accomplishments you have had in the past.

Community Involvement

Taking action in your community reflects well and can be personally rewarding. It shows your future employer that you have values and act on them accordingly. While claiming to be diligent and going the extra mile is commendable, actual experience adds to your credibility. Plus, if there is a lot of competition for a certain position, this may help you stand out. Volunteering is a gratifying experience to have and benefits society. Most volunteer opportunities have some form of collaboration which can show your ability to work with others outside of a typical work setting.

Dealing with Conflict

Showing an employer how you have dealt with a difficult situation or how you have taken the initiative to solve a problem goes a long way. Most employees have never gone through conflict training. Therefore, if you have an example where you can demonstrate how you have used this trait, it can set you apart from the competition. Part of dealing with conflict means being a good listener and learning how to communicate. If you have experience dealing with conflict, chances are you have both qualities.


Being able to take criticism is no longer a luxury. In a world where companies do not hand out tenure and pensions like they used to, you have to adapt to new criticism and not rest on old laurels. Understanding that criticism is not directed at you, but the work that you put forth is a much-needed skill, remember criticism is not personal. When you show a willingness to change and improve, you will be a candidate that any great company would be happy to bring on board as soon as they can.


Creativity is a crucial skill in today’s world, as many companies are looking for ways to become innovative. Demonstrating how you have been creative in the past shows a company how you could be profitable to them. Describe a situation where you have created change or brought a new perspective to the table. This will help you stand out and show a desired skill set.

Getting a job in today’s economy can be tough work. You might feel like you just can’t compete. If that is the case, then you should rock your resume by adding the leadership skills above and the experience that demonstrates. Be sure to check with an agency like Student Coaching Services that can help you update your resume accordingly, and deliver your leadership skills and experience in the best way possible.

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