It’s that time of year again, scholarship season. A lot of students tend to ignore scholarships, don’t be one of those students. Apply, apply, apply. By ignoring valuable scholarships, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Many scholarships are not claimed because no one applies for them.

When applying for scholarships, make sure to apply to the ones that you believe you will have the highest chance of being awarded. Of course, you can apply to ones that you think you are less qualified for, but make sure that your best essays and applications get submitted to the ones you want most.

These are scholarships from private companies and individuals, public companies, the government, and more. If no one applies, no one gets the money. If you are the only one who applies, or you are better than the few other candidates who applied, you will be awarded the scholarship.

Anyone can create a scholarship and anyone can apply for one. Don’t be afraid to apply to a scholarship, there is no penalty for trying, but there is a massive reward if you do get it. Some students are lucky enough to fund the vast majority of their college expenses via scholarships, and you can too!

Finding the right scholarships can be challenging. Most university departments have specific scholarships available, your school will have general scholarships available, and companies, both private and public, often have scholarships available. Make sure to search around on the Internet to find the right scholarship opportunity that suits your needs

The Student Coaching Services Advantage:

When it comes to applying for scholarships, don’t be afraid to ask a qualified student coach for tips and tricks. We were in your shoes at one point and we are more than happy to share our expertise with you.

And remember, while scholarships are important, do not forget about the importance of getting high scores on your ACTs and SATs.

Whether you write the ACT or the SAT, or both, know that you need a plan. On paper, anyone can have a great plan in order to ace the test. However, it takes time, effort, and a guiding hand in order to be able to put a great plan into action.

While applying for scholarships, also study for standardized tests. The last year or two of high school will be the busiest you have ever been, but it is worth it. A great major at a great college can set you up for an even greater life!

At Student Coaching Services, we provide you with college prep advisers, subject tutors, and academic planning professionals, in order to ensure you are ready to sit the test and score that scholarship! Whether you need help deconstructing literary passages or whether you need help finding mathematical inequalities or the surface area of a polygon, we can help!