You might think that there is not much you can do with a Liberal Arts Degree, but you would be very wrong! According to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the Liberal Arts Degree will teach you some of the most desirable traits that employers are seeking. In addition, many law and business schools view Liberal Arts degrees with favor.

College students with liberal arts degrees also have a broader education than that of the majority of other students. For instance, a liberal arts education includes not only classes that are their subject major, but also additional classes of writing, critical thinking and mathematics. It is a broader focus rather than a narrow focus (strictly on your major topic). It has often been referred to as "learning about learning." Liberal in this sense means that the program encourages freedom of exploration – the degree has nothing to do with political leanings (although you might study it as a topic!)

Some of these traits are as follows:

  • Verbal and written skills
  • Integrity/honesty
  • You learn to work well with others (teamworking)
  • Robust work ethic
  • Interpretive skills (analysis)
  • Adaptability and being flexible
  • Relating well with others (interpersonal skills)
  • Having initiative and motivation
  • Skills on the computer
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solving and essential (critical) thinking
  • The problems or effects that race, gender, education and class have on the work environment and the way organizations work.
  • Knowing about diversity and the effects it has on the work place.
  • Knowing your social location Having the ability to empathize with others

With this set of skills, you can almost do anything that you want. Of course, some careers require additional licensing like teaching or counseling, but there is a plethora of other things you could be with a liberal arts degree.

Some careers include teaching, becoming a pastor, lecturer, coach, admissions counselor, adjunct professor, artist, and much more! More liberal arts graduates end up in the humanities such as literature, poetry, philosophy, the social sciences such as history, economics and politics, as well as science and business. The sky is practically the imit. Depending on what field interests you the most, you can utilize a liberal arts degree with almost any employment choice.

A choice in Liberal Arts will get you a most diversified education. You will learn valuable skills and traits that employers want. In short, with Liberal Arts, you will be a well-rounded, well-versed, very attractive graduate.

There are many schools that are labeled as the "best" liberal arts degree programs however, they range in price. You need to check with the colleges of your choice to find out about its liberal arts degree program and the costs.

Don't shy away from a Liberal Arts Degree simply because you don't know what job you can get because it could be almost anything. Some companies actually seek out LA Degrees and value their diversified education. This is a great degree and can lead you down the path of greatness! Call your college or a Student Coach for details on a Liberal Arts Degree program today!