When all other forms of self-taught education are not enough, you need a tutor. If you are like most students in high school, you probably supplement your class work with extra educational resources on your own time like podcasts, YouTube videos, online books, and much more. However, in most of these cases, you have to invest a lot of trust in the educational value each resource provides you. At first glance, it may not be apparent just how good an online source is.

When it comes to your education, it is important to find tutors that you can trust. These tutors have to understand the subjects they are teaching and it helps if they have spent time working in the industry itself.

So, not only do you need sources you can trust, but you need to be able to trust sources instantly, if you want to be able to be productive as soon as possible. There is a better way than Googling your way to a respected resource: hiring a tutor.

Consider hiring an experienced and vetted tutor, either online, or in-person (if you live or commute to central New Jersey for school). Our tutors are well-versed in English, lower-level math, high-level math, biology, Earth sciences, calculus, physics, chemistry, and the social sciences. For any subjects not listed above, send us an email and we will let you know if we can help you out.

All our tutors are well-vetted by making sure applicants have a history of teaching experience, as well as practical experience in their respective fields. To this end, we do not hire fresh college graduates, no matter how promising they may be. We need to ensure that our students receive the best education they can, and the only way to do this is ensure that our tutors are older, more capable, and more skilled.

This is a great resource for any high school student that is taking an AP course, or even just a regular high school course, and need focused, guided help on an academic subject. You no longer have to wonder just how pertinent a lesson is to your academic development, or whether your tutor is legitimate. We vet them so you do not have to.

An experienced and well-vetted tutor can help you raise your grades quicker than a dubious online resource. Tutors can help fill gaps in your knowledge, provide alternative solutions to educational questions, and more. You will find that your academic capabilities increase, if not soar, due to the input of a private tutor.

In truth, tutoring is, and has been, the favored mode of education throughout civilization. The Ancient Greek elites had educated slaves as tutors, for instance. Medieval Europe had a system of patronage, where capable musicians and artists would create work for the upper class, and sometimes teach wealthy children. In our modern society, the power of tutoring is no longer concentrated to the upper class. You can take advantage of it as well.