Technology is a huge part of our lives these days. With the change in the pace of education, and how it's done, there is an increased need for different gizmos and gadgets. Most college students find that they are continually using some form of a laptop, smartphone, calculator, etc. Listed below is some of the most common technology needed for dorm rooms today.


Having a laptop can make your whole college experience one hundred times easier. This is the best way to keep up to date with your work without having to worry about being at a specific location at a designated time. Every student in college will have different needs when it comes to their laptop, so be sure to do thorough research when you are deciding which laptop you would like to purchase. Some of the most recommended brands are Lenovo, Dell, Apple, and ASUS because of their reliability. If you are looking for something cheaper and more lightweight, try looking into purchasing a Chromebook.

Cloud Storage

Storing your information on the cloud makes it very easy to move your data to different locations. It is great for backing up your latest term papers or essential projects that could be detrimental if you lose them. This will also save a ton of memory on any computer that you may be using daily. Some services will cost you, but they offer a peace of mind when it comes to having all of your essential information in one place.

Smart Phones

Smartphones are the most common piece of technology today, but many people do not realize their potential when it comes to improving your college experience. Phones offer hundreds of applications that can aid in the success of your college experience. Some of these apps include but are not limited to, advanced calculators, detailed planners, language translators, and even apps that offer free lessons. There are also numerous apps explicitly designed for personalized studying and yet the dreaded "group project."

Charging Hubs

Charging hubs, and cables, are perfect for keeping all of your electronics loaded and ready for use. Charging hubs are great for those who have many electronics that they will need throughout the day. They are also great for common spaces where many people may need to charge their electronics at once. Surge protectors are also often associated with these hubs and are very important to keep your products protected.

These are going to be great products to reduce the stress of going to college, as they will help you hop from class to class with relative ease, to take great notes, and to keep in communication to other students for studying purposes.


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