Yearning to be your own boss in the IT profession? There are a variety of avenues to explore to do just that. With the right combination of tech industry skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can be well on your way to a rewarding and fulfilling career as an independent IT professional.

Freelance IT Consultant

Becoming an IT consultant is an excellent way to capitalize on your expertise in a specific technical area. In this position, you will be helping and advising clients on how to better achieve their business goals and overcome obstacles through the use of information technology. The typical educational path may consist of a bachelor's degree in a related field. Additional skills are most often acquired through hands-on and real-world experience as well as certifications. The outlook for this profession remains strong as businesses continue to depend heavily on technology. Furthermore, the average income is in the range of $70,000 or more, depending on factors like years of experience. Having a go-getter mentality and being a self-starter is essential for success as an IT consultant.

IT Franchise Owner

Utilizing your technical and business savvy could be a winning combination for a career as an IT franchise owner in the tech industry. This position entails running and operating a branded business in the IT space. Whether dealing with digital services or computer products, there are many franchise options in the information technology world. As a bonus, start-up costs are typically lower than other franchise ventures. An educational background in computer technology, IT and/or business can be beneficial for this career path. Key traits that may be helpful in your success include having a strong focus on serving your customer base and good business practices. Earnings in this area can be highly lucrative. Along with the digital age comes a constant demand for computer services, making it an excellent business opportunity.

Independent IT Trainer

Another way to take advantage of your technical skills is by becoming an information technology trainer. A career as a trainer could involve assisting companies and their employees with learning and getting up to speed on new technologies and systems. Basic education may include college or a technical school in the applicable field. Relevant skills obtained through work experience can help you stand out as well. Average income potential can hover around $60,000. Having both superb technical skills and solid soft skills will help you be successful in this endeavor.

Whether you decide to pursue the consulting route, build a franchise or train companies and individuals, you can have more control over your career destiny as your own boss in the tech industry.

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