If you are considering going to college, you have probably thought a lot about what it will be like. The truth about college is that it is very different than high school. It is also true is that the experience is very much what you make of it. College can be a memorable time for you, or it can be a stressful couple of years. If you want to have an overall pleasant college experience, you should use tips from those who have already been through college. In this article, you are going to learn about five pieces of practical advice that you don't want to ignore before starting college.

Make Sure That Your Teachers Know You

The first piece of advice that we have for you is to make sure that your teachers are familiar with who you are. This can be achieved by sitting in the front during class, participating regularly, and talking to your instructor one-on-one if you have questions. Grown and Flown recommends, “find an excuse to go to office hours, not just once but two or three times a term. Take a draft of your essay to a TA or professor for review. These people will become your references, advocates and possibly even friends later in life.”

Learn Useful Academic Skills

Academic skills are a must-have in college. This simply refers to the fact that you should learn to study, manage time, and use resources to get help when you aren't sure about homework or assignments. According to PsychCentral, “too many people look at studying as a necessary task, not an enjoyment or opportunity to learn. Your attitude matters when you do anything. You need to take into consideration your attitude, your environment, your physical state of being, your supplies, and many more things to study effectively.”

Choose a Major Early and Stick with It

Many people over-stress about their major. In reality, if you make a decision and stick to it, then you probably won't regret doing that. Connections Academy explains that "choosing a degree program early helps limit the number of semesters required to earn the degree, because choosing late or changing degrees often adds several semesters to a student’s time at the university." Even if you earn a degree in one field, you can probably still get a job in another industry using that same degree.

Meet New People and Have Fun

College isn't all about the school work. College is your first significant shift to being entirely on your own. During this time, you should meet new exciting people and have fun because after it is over, the real world will hit you.

Go to Class

Our final tip for you to use in college is to actually go to class. College is expensive, and if you actually do that math, you will find that each class is costing you quite a bit of money. Don't waste your opportunities. Stay on top of your academic success by regularly attending classes. Studica explains, “attending orientation, going to class, getting to know your classmates, meet your professors, etc. are all things you can do to actively create a better college experience.”

Hopefully, reading through these tips has given you hope for a good college experience. Using the pointers which we have made clear to you, you should be able to increase your chances of being successful in college. The first part of having a good experience is knowing what it takes. Just by reading this article and familiarizing yourself with these ideas, you are getting a good start. Now, it is your job to put this advice into play.

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