Graduating from college and obtaining that hard-earned degree is one of the most incredible moments of our lives, but it can also be intimidating. After college, many adults are left with a sense of emptiness, having not yet secured a job. Often people will become discouraged at not finding a job in their field, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon those student loan repayment due dates will be the norm. So, what can you do as a recent college graduate to earn some money in the meantime? Here are some methods you can use to make money after college:

Find a Paid Internship

You may think that internships are only for college students, but in fact, many companies keep positions available solely for recent graduates. These internship positions typically demand higher-level work and responsibility, and thus, companies are more than willing to pay. They might not pay any better than say a minimum wage job, but they are certainly a good way to both put your foot in the door of your career and pay off a little of those student loans. According to ODOJ, you should search for jobs that are entry-level, since those are ones that are usually reserved for recent grads.

Get a Part-Time Job

This choice may be a tough blow on one's ego, as most college graduates struggle with accepting anything less than their education level. However, it is important to understand that obtaining a minimum wage job is not the end all be all. It is simply a temporary necessity to pay off any bills you may have in order to avoid going into debt or delinquency.

Another option is being a contractor for companies. You can offer your skills in technology or marketing advice as a way of keeping your flexibility and more of your income. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting properly paid. According to Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, only independent contractors can legally be paid on a 1099 form.

Keep Learning

Just because you graduated, it does not mean you should stop learning. According to Elana Lyn, one of the best ways to obtain income is to increase your value. Providing more than a degree on your resume can dramatically increase your chances of being called in for an interview and eventually offered a job. Employers want to see that people are eager to learn and rise through the ranks. Continuously learning can provide you with either the opportunity to work within your field or even persuade you to go into business for yourself.

Life after college is uncertain and daunting, and having no job waiting for you at the end of that graduation ceremony can be downright terrifying. Luckily, there are many ways for you to make money fresh out of college.Take the options listed above into consideration if you are struggling to make money after college.

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