Many college students underestimate the importance of networking. While your degree and grades pivotal for finding employment, networking allows you to make impressions that can give you a huge advantage. Here are some tips to help you network smarter in college:

Take Advantage of Career Services

The career services department isn't only for soon-to-be graduates-they are simply there to ease the transition between college and the professional world. Visit them anytime during your college years with questions about making connections. There is likely to be information about events like job fairs, which are a wonderful way to connect with others in the field. Feel free to explore other platforms offering information about job fairs as well, for example Eventbrite. Go dressed professionally to the fairs, prepared with your resumé and some practiced pitches that put your experience and credentials in full view.

Connect With Other Students

Network with your fellow students and you may be able to help each other out. Having awareness of one another and each person's skills could be extremely valuable in the long run. Even non-traditional classes can help with your networking. According to Rutgers, taking online courses provides connections to a more diverse body of students, often from all around the world. Meet students through online discussions, then try to stay in touch with them through social media sites like LinkedIn.

Be Consistent

Networking pays off when you are consisten. Each new person you meet is a new opportunity for you. Meeting the right people can help you get ever closer to your dream career. According to BusinessBall, whenever you meet someone, you're putting yourself into that someone's radar, who could very well benefit from your presence in their life.

Networking is not difficult. It can be done in the classroom, at special events, and even on the internet. A skill that will be useful anywhere, networking will help you no matter what you do. If you're getting ready to enter college, remember to make as much time for networking as you do for studying and socializing. If you have the skills and persistence to make it to college, you will definitely be able to network successfully.

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