A degree in communications is flexible enough to lead into a variety of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. Communication studies teach a myriad of practical life skills including written and verbal skills, interpersonal communication abilities, and more.

The study of communications intersects nearly every other major, making this choice ideal for a student wanting a broad and valuable education. Here are four things that you can make a career out of with a degree in communications:


Whether it be in online, radio, television, or print media, a communications degree provides the bedrock of skills needed to become a professional journalist. Every journalist must have exceptional written communication and editing skills as well as the ability to curate and sell material in engaging and compelling ways.

A communication degree provides a heavy emphasis on all skills core to journalism. With this kind of comprehensive training, a graduate in communications can pursue a career in journalism with relative ease.

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Many schools offer specialized business communications paths of study. This concentration is especially useful for students wishing to combine both business and communication into one comprehensive major.

Because of the large size of so many of today's corporations, it’s wise to have staff on hand who can handle the rigors of effective communication.

Public Relations

Persuasive communication can influence and improve people and communities. Public relations executives must be masters of the art of persuasive communication. Earning a communications degree will teach you to use words and dialogue to shape a narrative and reach your target audience.

Not only do public relations staff need to write compelling copy, but they also need to manage customer and public perceptions. This requires navigating a complex rhetorical situation that is fickle and subject to changing at a moment’s notice. Staying on top of all of that requires finesse that you can’t fake.

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A communications degree teaches valuable interpersonal connection skills. These skills can be parlayed into a successful career in the field of education. Teachers use communication skills daily to not only reach their students but also to teach the important material.

A communication degree can be an invaluable asset for those wanting to teach children or other adults, especially in secondary school situations because of the level of specialization required. Learning how to connect with individuals from diverse circumstances takes practice. With a degree in communications, you’ll get that practice.

Even if you don’t end up pursuing a field related to communications, the skills acquired with this degree translate to a variety of careers. Nearly every professional career will require that the employee be able to write and communicate effectively. Few degrees offer quite as many valuable skills as a communication degree.

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