Being a college student isn't easy. In fact, many college students find that this time of their lives can be quite stressful and frustrating. Typical college students have a number of emotional concerns they face. Fortunately, there are many ways that students can help support each other during this time of personal growth and change. While growing up isn't easy, having supportive friends can be quite beneficial.

Offer Support

Students need to support one another. Going to college isn't easy; it can be an emotionally overwhelming time. Not only do many students move to a new place far from home, but they are handling many new issues for the first time, including scheduling doctor's appointments, buying groceries, and paying rent. Many students may feel frustrated at the things they begin to experience as an adult. Students can encourage one another and offer reasonable support during this time. Every student has different knowledge and experiences; ask your friends for their help when something seems insurmountable, support them when they ask for your help, and together you can overcome these stressful times.

Develop Healthy Coping Skills

It's vital that students learn to deal with their feelings when they go to college. Whether a student is feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, there are a number of ways they can deal with their feelings. For example, the student can draw or create something. They can rest and listen to music. They can read a book. Sometimes spending time with friends can be an excellent way to deal with feelings. Students can also meet with an on-campus psychologist or therapist who can offer further support during this time. Find a positive activity that helps to handle all of the emotions that may overwhelm you at times, ask your friends what their activities are, and support each other in creating healthy emotional coping skills.

Seek out Healing Personalities

It's important for students to find friends with healer personalities. They should aim to find friends who offer support and encouragement, rather than snarky comments or rude remarks. Healer personalities have several characteristics that can help the people around them feel better. These types of people look for the good in others and aren't afraid to reach out. Be there healer in your group of friends, provide comfort and solace, and seek out friends that provide it back. College is more than the academic education you acquire; it’s about the communal experience and development as adults together.

No matter what issues a you are facing during college, having someone who understands is essential to making it through the college experience. Students should continue to reach out to one another and offer support both verbally and emotionally. Moving to a new place, taking a large number of classes, or working long hours can cause stress and frustration for many students, but developing an understanding that other people can relate to the situation and have empathy can make an incredible difference in the lives of students. Students can offer support in many ways, but it all begins with friendship.

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