If you are a young person considering your future career prospects or you find yourself looking for something else mid-career, then you might want to consider a technical education. Technical degrees, as opposed to traditional four-year university degrees, have significant comparative advantages that are worth considering. Whether you want to make more money or apply yourself creatively, people looking for alternatives to boring office jobs are finding fulfillment in technical education. Here are the top reasons why you might want to add a technical education to your resume.

Better Employment Prospects

Many people who attend four-year universities end up with liberal arts degrees that may have cost more than they are worth. With the downturn in the economy in 2008, many of the cushier service-sector jobs that liberal arts degrees once promised vanished, leaving a whole population struggling to find work with limited marketable skills. You can avoid the pitfalls of liberal arts degrees by opting for a technical degree that will equip you with a marketable skill set that employers gravitate toward. Indeed, many new tech grads find themselves in the center of a bidding war among potential employers because the demand for their talents is so high.

Explore Your Creativity

When people think of technical degrees, they might imagine an electrician with a hard hat fixing power lines or a heating and air conditioning specialist climbing through ventilation ducts. Those types of jobs exist, but you can actually do so much more with a technical degree. Many creative people opt for technical degrees because they will have the opportunity to explore their creativity on the job. Popular jobs for technical grads in the arts include filmmaking, web design, and audio engineering. There are plenty of degrees in audio production fields that let you go on to produce audio for creative projects.

Graduate Faster

Technical degree programs are generally shorter than four-year degree programs because the unnecessary parts of the curriculum are cut out in favor of getting straight to the relevant training and education that you need for your particular major. Tech grads finish school faster and become gainfully employed in their respective fields faster than their counterparts on a traditional four-year track. And, if you get good enough at your skill, there are lots of jobs for teachers of these kinds of skills.

Technical degrees might not be for everyone, and some people may still find more benefit in a four-year program. However, if you are interested in developing a valuable skill set that potentially allows you to explore your creativity, then a technical degree might be just what you need.

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