Even when you were little you loved moving your bedroom furniture around. You knew what colors looked nice together and what style of home you would have when you grew up. Now you're grown up, you love houses and you want to help other people enjoy theirs just as much.

Real Estate Agent

One of the perks of being a real estate agent is that you can bask in the happiness of new homeowners. The other side of that coin is that you could celebrate the sale of someone's home as they prepare to move to the next chapter in their lives. Whatever type of real estate you sell whether commercial buildings, empty lots, single-family homes or multiple-family dwellings, what you earn is based on what you sell. Commission is a percentage of each home sold, typically 6–7 percent.

Interior Designer

If you have great organizational skills, those can easily complement a career as an interior designer. Feng shui is often used as well by interior designers and would greatly benefit from your put-things-in-order mindset as it is based largely on no clutter. A love of coordinating colors, fabrics and styles is the beginning of a successful career as an interior designer.

Flipping Houses

You've probably seen the shows on TV. A person, couple or a group will take on a house that has seen better days and voila! They have turned it into a beautiful property to live in or resell, often making quite a profit. A potential downside to flipping houses is that you could get so attached to each renovation that you don't want to leave. In theory, house flipping can be done with no financial outlay, but that depends on many things and is rare. The more construction skills you have, the less you will need to pay professionals. Flipping houses would give you an opportunity to use any design skills you have. Landscaping, too, would be fun to do as you decide if you'll be able to let go of this diamond in the rough once you're finished remodeling.

If you love houses, there are so many career options available to you. You could be an architect. You could be an artist who incorporates pieces into the home itself. You could design and make furniture, or you could design the fabrics used for furniture and drapes. The list goes on.

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