You've got a brand-new apartment you want to move into between semesters. However, with all the deposits and expenses, you may find your moving budget a little short. Use these five tricks to make your move as cheap as possible.

Find Free Boxes

There is never a reason to purchase moving boxes, especially for a local move. Check with your local grocery store for the boxes they empty when filling the shelves. Liquor stores are great for strong boxes to carry heavy items. Look on Craigslist or a similar site for people getting rid of moving boxes. They might have free packing material as well.

Use Personal Items for Packing Materials

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap can get expensive. For those on a tight moving budget, using personal items such as towels, clothing, and bed linens is a more cost-effective option. Wrap dishes in kitchen towels. Pack small mementos in your socks, and stuff the corners of boxes with a wadded up towel. The only downside is that you may have some laundry to do after you unpack if something breaks or spills.

Share a Storage Unit

If you need to put a few items in storage, ask your friends if they have a similar need. Sharing a storage unit with a friend or two can save a good amount of money. Just be sure to clearly label or color code which containers belong to which person. That way, when someone needs to find an item, there will be no digging around the wrong container.

Get Rid of What You Don't Need

Are you dragging around items you have never unpacked from your last move? Go through everything in your current place and get rid of what you don't need. Open up any unpacked boxes and see if you still need or want what is inside. Getting rid of even a few boxes will make your move easier and cheaper.

Ask Family and Friends for Help

Paying movers to do the work can get expensive. Instead, ask your family and friends for help on moving day. It might cost you a bit of soda and pizza, but that is a lot cheaper than paying movers.

Don't let a tight moving budget get you down. With a bit of planning and smarts, you can make your move without going bankrupt. You can start the next semester in a new place with as little stress as possible.

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