The freelance world has grown exponentially in terms of its adaptation to an online market. Standing out in such an environment is difficult, but not impossible if you are able to successfully market yourself. If you are interested in improving your self-marketing as a freelancer, read on to find some essential tips and tricks to ensure your success.

Understand Who Your Target Is

Understanding your target market will help your marketing efforts be successful. You can identify your target market or client by first defining the problems you can solve. Analyze at your skills and services to determine what you have to offer and how your skill set is unique. Next, consider who could benefit from your services. One way to find possible target markets is through researching other freelancers like you. Then, identify the demographics, needs, and lifestyle of your target customers. Use this information to find the best method for reaching out to them. Social media might be good for attracting teenagers, but not. so much the elderly. With a good understanding of these, you can determine the best means to appeal to them. Answering these questions will help you get the necessary information to begin to market yourself as a freelancer.


Networking is a powerful strategy in helping a freelancer successfully market themselves. It is essential to help you make connections with other freelancers and clients, make a name for yourself, and build a positive reputation in your industry. Make friends with other freelancers who might be able to offer you advice, and maybe even recommend you to clients. Useful tools for networking include job boards, contacts, other professionals in the same field, social media, and websites. Create a positive online presence so that the people you meet can look you up and see your skills, experience, and portfolio. It’s also a good idea to make sure you separate your professional online appearance from your private online appearance.

Claim Business Listings

Claiming business listings can help a freelancer market themselves more successfully by finding and filling the needs of potential clients. Platforms that offer business listings include Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The platforms which provide the most value in terms of offering business listings are the ones that are relevant and used often by your target market. Claiming a Google My Business listing is good, but independent freelancers should optimize their listing as well. You can do this through maintaining a quality, updated website which clearly lists your goods and services, or through other platforms.

Knowing how to market yourself as a freelancer is a priceless skill that will ensure your success in finding work and maintaining a livelihood. Understanding your target audience, networking effectively, and claiming business listings are three important ways that you can successfully market yourself as a freelancer.

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