It is doubtless that the world as it is today is unlike any world the vast majority of you have ever experienced. As we all know, social media is immensely overflowing with anxiety-inducing COVID-19 headlines, and companies in your town are closing sometime around this moment.

So what about some positive news? You still got admitted to universities. Your hard work and

commitment in school have paid off, and your future is similarly as splendid as it has ever been. You are still going to university in the fall.

As hard as it might be, the current scenario shouldn’t make you any less amped up for what you are desiring. Considering what I have said, despite everything, you have a decision to make! Which college will it be? Where will you enroll?

Here are some tips to help you select the best college during the time of the pandemic :

  • Look at how they’ve reacted to the current events - Nothing tells you more about a college than how they handle change. From their list of top college choices, students should look at how those institutions have communicated during the COVID-19 public health crisis. How often have they shared messages with their University community? What kind of academic or operational changes have they instituted?

  • Affordability - College is definitely very expensive, and students need to figure out ways to pay the university, including tuition and fees for things like room and board, books and more. When reviewing admissions packages, one of the essential considerations is financial aid. If you’re offered a grant, scholarship or loan, it will usually include the information in the admissions letter.

  • Location - Location plays a very crucial role since students need to determine how far away from home they’re comfortable being. With closing campuses, this could be a more important factor in your decision. If another wave of the coronavirus happens in the fall, the flexibility to return home more easily may affect your choice.

  • Outcomes - Another aspect to consider are outcomes that come with choosing a certain college. To secure a future after college, factors like job placement, internships, graduation rates etc… should be taken into consideration.

  • Engagement - Any student wanting to enroll in a college must inspect the various activities provided by the college like research, clubs, activism etc… as it is an essential element in shaping a person.

  • Support - Prospective students should lean upon those they most trust. Their parents and families, and high school counselors, are brilliant places to start.

  • Gut- After you’ve talked about it at length with your family and you’ve asked all your questions, take some time to think inward and go with your gut.

  • Reach out if we can help - Our student coach is available by phone and email, if you’d like more guidance or have questions about SCS.