A degree in political science equips students with skills that transcend specific job titles. It's a springboard into a wide range of careers, with the analytical, research, and communication skills learned being applicable in many fields. Some of the most common paths that political science majors follow lead to public administration, law, and academia.

Public Administration

Political science majors often find their niche in public administration. This could involve working in various government agencies, non-profit organizations, or public service entities. Public administrators plan and implement policies, manage public services, and often engage directly with the public. The analytical abilities and understanding of governmental systems that political science majors develop become valuable assets in these roles. Roles in public administration can range from city planning to public relations, human resources, and more. Public administrators are critical in executing policy and ensuring that government functions effectively, making this a vital career path for those interested in contributing to the public good.


Political science is a common precursor to a career in law, as the subjects share an emphasis on legal systems, civic institutions, and public policy. Many political science majors proceed to law school and enter the legal field, using their strong critical thinking, writing, and argumentation skills to thrive as attorneys. From public defender to civil attorney, there are many varieties of law you can practice. Some lawyers choose to specialize in areas like environmental law, immigration law, or civil rights law, all of which can be influenced by political climates and policy changes.


For those who find themselves drawn to scholarly pursuits, political science provides a strong foundation for a career in academia. Professors not only teach but often conduct research, contribute to scholarly discourse, and even influence policy through their work. Being a political science professor often involves inspiring the next generation of public administrators, lawyers, and even academics. It's a path that allows for continuous learning, intellectual challenge, and the opportunity to make lasting contributions to the field. A degree in political science opens doors to a diverse range of career opportunities. Graduates can pursue paths in public administration, leveraging their understanding of politics, policy, and decision-making to serve in government agencies or non-profit organizations. Others may choose to become lawyers, using their analytical and research skills to navigate the legal system and advocate for justice.

As political science majors embark on their professional journeys, it is important to leverage the knowledge and skills gained during their undergraduate studies. Networking, internships, and gaining practical experience can further enhance career prospects. By combining their passion for politics, critical thinking abilities, and strong communication skills, political science graduates can make a meaningful impact in their chosen field. Whether it is shaping public policies, practicing law, or educating future generations, political science majors have the potential to play a vital role in our society.

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