College life is a very different phase, unlike school life. A college is a place where we have to deal with things with maturity. The life of a college is very interesting but very hectic. Stress, distractions, bullying, discrimination, ragging, exam pressure, peer pressure etc.. are some evils that circulate in colleges. Well, it’s very important to have a timetable which is neither too tight nor too loose. Here are some ways to avoid burnout in college :

  • Have 3 achievable goals a day: Having a laundry list of things to do every day is super unrealistic, and you just end up feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t accomplish your goals for the day.
  • Time Management - For college students, time management is key. As you’re looking over your schedule, you must set priorities. By pinpointing what they truly need to focus on, students can reduce stress, stay on track with their work and work more efficiently.
  • Recognize when you’re at your emotional limits: Forcing yourself to get work done when you cannot comprehend your study material does not benefit anyone.
  • Learn to say no: People will ask you for your time and it will stretch you to the limit, whether it be at your job, in your extracurriculars, or in your personal life. Know when to step back and say no.
  • Take care of yourself physically: Take breaks, go for walks, shower regularly, get enough sleep, eat healthy, meet up with your friends, etc..
  • Celebrate your accomplishments: Go out to eat with friends after a big exam, indulge in a night off after a busy week with some Netflix and popcorn.
  • Make a study plan beforehand: It's daunting to see how much work you need to put in to a class or task beforehand, but this allows you to spread your work evenly so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • Learn to ask for help: It is very rare that people make it through school, whether it be high school or university or any graduate program, with no advice of others or just a kind soul to vent to. Find that person.
  • Never forget your hobbies: You will need things that keep you sane. If you love to play music, write, play volleyball, or cook, make you sure you don’t lose these things. They will become your escape when times get tough.
  • Log off from time to time: It is exhausting to be constantly connected to social media and your email. Just physically disconnecting from these for a night to take care of yourself can really help you clear your mind.

Keep reminding yourself that you are the captain of your own ship of life. As far as burnouts are concerned, the mind is much stronger than the body and the body is a slave to the mind.