No one has a clear idea of what they need to do when they move out of their childhood home and into a college apartment. The space is different, the rules are different, and everything is shared. As a starting point, there are a couple of details you need to pay attention to.

Your Bed

Although you might end up spending more time in the library than your room, your bed is an essential part of your college life and overall well-being. Your bed is where you will be getting your much-needed sleep each night. During sleep, your brain can process your day, including everything you learned. This means that better sleep can also lead to better performance in school and help you be more prepared for the next day of lectures. Chances are, your apartment will come with a bed, and if they do, they will also require a mattress protector and you might want a mattress pad as well.

Your Desk

The main reason you come to college is to get an education, which means that your most meaningful work will be done on your desk. Having the right kind of desk will help you feel more comfortable working there. Desks that can convert to standing tables have risen to popularity over the years as people have realized that sitting for hours can be damaging to their bodies. As far as desk space goes, bigger desks seem like they provide more room to work; however, you do need to make sure you keep the space clean and organized instead of cluttered. Clutter leads to distraction.

Your Storage

College apartments are notorious for being small to start with. You must remember that everything you bring needs to go somewhere on top of all your roommates’ belongings. For that reason, you need to first only bring essential items, and then invest in space-effective storage to keep your belongings organized and out of the way. The best place for out-of-the-way storage is under your bed, whether your bed is lofted or not. You can also utilize closet space with thin hangers and hanging shoe racks. In common places, like the kitchen, it is a good idea to use baskets to keep all your belongings together.

College is busy enough without you losing sleep because of your bed or waste time trying to find a paper on your desk. By customizing your college apartment, you will get more out of your college experience. You can turn your new apartment into a home.