Whether you are about to graduate high school and are deciding what major you would like to take in undergrad, considering options for grad school, or thinking about going back for a graduate degree, taking the path towards a law degree can be a great choice. With a law degree, you can unlock a whole new world of high paying job opportunities that can be challenging, fun, and interesting. There are many ways that you can work with a law degree. Here are three common paths that you can take with a law degree.

Corporate Lawyer

The first common path that you can take with a law degree is towards becoming a corporate lawyer. Working as a corporate lawyer is a path that many law school graduates take, as the entry pay can be quite exceptional, often exceeding six figures for fresh law school graduates. Working as a corporate lawyer is a very secure path in a career, giving you stability, great pay, and depending on who you work for the opportunity to do meaningful work that brings you joy. You can’t ask for much more from a great career.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Another common path that you can take with a law degree is becoming a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers are lawyers who are specialized in defending their clients against criminal charges. You can become a public defense attorney or a private defense attorney. Public defenders generally have a much larger caseload. This is because public defenders simply have to defend as many people as possible who need defense lawyers and can’t afford to hire one on their own, which can often mean a lot of work. If you are considering a career in criminal defense, then you need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of private versus public work.

Constitutional Lawyer

The final common path that you can take with a law degree is focusing on constitutional law to become a legislative consultant or to work on cases regarding constitutional law. If you are particularly interested in politics and government, focusing on constitutional law can be a great way to secure a position. Many politicians, lobby groups, and other political organizations hire lawyers to research law, help draft legislation, and help to fight against unconstitutional laws and practices.

A law degree is one of the most useful degrees that you can have in the job market. No matter what your interest, there is a job for a law graduate in that field. Consider following any of these three common paths towards a successful career with your law degree.