As long as academia has existed, there have been tutors available to help people keep up with the workload. Not only are they helpful – but tutors are critical to the overall success of institutions and individuals. Here are some reasons why.

Instill Confidence in Students

A successful student goes far beyond someone who is simply intelligent and learns quickly. Students need confidence that they can overcome topics, subjects, classes, and assignments that may seem daunting. And if they were to undertake such tasks completely alone – then failure would become the rule rather than the exception. Failure can be good in some senses, of course, but tutoring ultimately empowers a student to see what is possible. Students come to understand that difficult subjects are to be tackled, not written off. It empowers students to take a class that they otherwise wouldn’t have, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone much further than they would have otherwise.

Increase Graduation Rates

Graduation can be a real challenge for some students. Ultimately, some people just do not and cannot flourish in an academic environment, and that’s okay. Everyone has different strengths. Currently, society is structured so that having a high school diploma or a college degree opens a lot of doors in terms of jobs and a career. Having specific, individualized tutoring means that those students who struggle can help to achieve that consequential piece of paper. The higher rate of graduation reflects well on the school, and the student is now able to do more and achieve more in their adult life. Providing early interventions makes teens more likely to graduate high school, so the earlier you can get some tutors on board, the better.

Teach Good Habits

Ironically, super-smart high school students who never have to study for a single topic can sometimes find college to be extremely difficult. For the first time, they are required to study seriously – and without those habits, skills, routines, and time management abilities previously developed, they might find their grades dropping. A tutor teaches study habits for life. Even if an individual is no longer involved with academics, they will probably need to learn other important topics at some point (how to fix a car, how to do taxes, etc.), and now they will have the study skills to carry it out.

Tutors make up one important part of many within the academic domain. Students also need good teachers, peers, and a safe and engaging learning environment. But with tutoring, they will be enabled to rise above and beyond what they would have expected.