Remember how simple it was to make friends as a kid? As long as you sat next to each other in class and had the same favorite color, you’d hang out with each other every day!

When you enter college, you might find that making friends becomes a little more challenging, and can feel awkward at times – especially if you don’t live in a frat or sorority house. Here are 4 tips to help you!

ONE: Get to know your roommates

If you live with one or more roommates, make an effort early on to get to know them! This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this.

Sure, you may not feel an instant connection, but try to be proactive. Invite your roommates out to lunch. Figure out what their hobbies are and see what you have in common. Make the effort to talk to them for a few minutes each day rather than just passing by them in the morning.

Another easy way to make more friends is to…

TWO: Get involved on-campus

Do you have any hobbies or interests? Consider getting involved with a campus club!

Most colleges have a wide variety of club activities – writing, video games, athletics, dancing, agriculture, robotics, you name it! Check out your school’s website for more information, and consider attending a club fair at the start of the year.

Extracurricular activities like this can help you make more friends, and it can be a good experience to put on your job application later!

Also, do any of your classes have study groups? Getting involved with one of these can improve your grades and help you make new friends!

If no study groups are currently happening, consider sending out a message to your class to see who wants to join one.

THREE: Get involved with community activities

If you attend college in a smaller town (or you just don’t see a club you’re interested in), consider getting involved in local community activities!

Many cities have lots of things to do. Find out if there are any local social organizations (or churches) you’re interested in. Think about your hobbies, and find out if there are any community groups based around that. You might find a book club, a hiking group, a cinema club – you name it!

If you can’t find much to do in the community, consider talking to a local librarian. Many libraries host a variety of events, so there’s a good chance you can get involved there.

Or, consider volunteering somewhere! Want to get involved with the local humane society, soup kitchen, food pantry, or something else? These are all great ways to serve the community, and you can meet some amazing people while you’re at it!

FOUR: Be consistent

Whatever path you choose to take, make sure to be consistent! Don’t just attend one club meeting and immediately give up. If you’re interested in getting to know people, pick something and keep showing up.

The more that you connect with people in a group setting, the more you will naturally form relationships. And this is good practice for the “real world” – it often takes persistence to get the things you want in life.

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