When you're a student, having a part-time job can give you extra spending money and help build your resume. You can learn useful skills that can apply to your future career. But if you're feeling stressed, it's a sign you should think about quitting.

Your Grades Are Suffering

As a student, your main job is to succeed in your classes. You're preparing for a future career, and the knowledge you gain today will serve you for the rest of your life. Your grade point average can be vital if you're thinking about applying to graduate school one day. Even if you plan to go straight to a full-time job after college, your academic success matters.

Time management is difficult for most students. You need to take time to study and complete your classwork. Your priority should be your classes, and if your grades are starting to slip, your part-time job could be the culprit.

Unsafe Working Conditions

No matter what kind of part-time job you have, you should feel safe at all times. If your working conditions pose physical hazards, you don't have to put up with them. You can file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) if your employer isn’t taking basic safety measures.

Your physical safety isn't the only issue you may face. If you're in a position where you could be harassed or bullied, you should say something to your supervisor. Discrimination and sexual harassment laws apply to part-time jobs, also.

Scheduling Issues

Most part-time workers don't get much input about their work schedule. You may be scheduled to work hours that conflict with your school schedule or don't allow you to take the courses you prefer. Other times, you may get more hours or fewer hours than you wish.

Then there's the time it takes to get to your job. You may be able to walk to an on-campus job within a few minutes, but if your job is off-campus, you have to consider commuting time. If your day is dominated by your work schedule, it's time to say goodbye.

Your college years are a time to explore new experiences, and a part-time job can be part of that, but not at the expense of your education. When you feel overwhelmed or conflicted, these are clear signs that you should think about leaving. You'll have plenty of time to work after you graduate.