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Subject-Specific Tutoring

Online and in-person targeted instruction

Sometimes even the most organized student needs extra time with individual subjects. School classrooms are forced to go at once pace, and if they fall behind, it's on them to catch up. All students have their own style of understanding that a teacher might not be able to provide for. Student Coaches are learning experts that can help. ​

Other students are doing well in school but need an extra challenge or want to get ahead. We can provide enriching lessons that keep the student interested and still learning.

We provide tutoring for all subjects and admissions exams, both online and in-person. We are committed to the academic excellence of our students. If we don't have a tutor on staff for a subject in need, we will find one. In addition, since our tutors are also Student Coaches, we go beyond the basics and teach students how to study more effectively for the specific subject.

How does tutoring help students get ahead?


Learn at a comfortable pace


Fewer distractions than noisy classrooms


Practice only what is needed


Use subject-specific study strategies

Tutoring Programs

Test Prep

Work online with a certified teacher on subjects relevant to your academic needs.


College &
AP Courses


K-12 Courses


Do you guarantee grades or test scores?

A student's score is a factor of how much time and effort they put into studying, something that we  ultimately cannot control. Of course, we do everything in our power to teach students effective techniques for studying and understanding their class and test material and provide them with ample practice materials. We can say, however, that 100% our students who have followed our advice and completed all assignments as instructed have seen a significant score increase!


How many hours will it take to increase my score?

Your mileage may vary, and it depends on where you start. Generally speaking, however, for every 100 points you want to improve on the SAT, or 2 points you want to improve on the ACT, you'll need to study around 40 hours, or take 10 full length practice tests. Class subject grades are dependent on many factors, such as projects, homework completion and class participation.

What qualifications do your tutors have?

All of our tutors are either certified teachers and/or have at least a Bachelor's degree in their area of expertise.

How does online tutoring work?

Tutors meet students on a platform that is agreeable to both parties, such as Skype, Hangouts, Zoom and others. Tutors will often share their screen to display important material, use virtual whiteboards to exemplify material, and send links with videos and other information relevant to lessons for the student to view. We ask that students use headphones and see their tutor in a distraction-free environment like a library study room or home office.

What if tutoring doesn't work?

Your student still may be struggling with general study skills and time management challenges. We recommend you check out our Academic Coaching programs! It's possible your student also has undiagnosed emotional or learning challenges and we would be happy to refer you to appropriate resources to treat those issues.

What is your cancellation/late policy?

Sessions cancelled or rescheduled without at least 24 hours notice are not refunded. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to a session without notice are considered a no-show and the session is not refunded. Students who arrive late with notice do not get extra time at the end of the session. If a tutor arrives late or has to cancel, the student is still entitled to the original amount of time arranged.

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