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Essential Skills for Success in High School and College

Everyone wants to succeed in college but not everyone does. While you cannot predict your GPA, especially since there is an element of chance or luck when submitting assignments in the liberal arts due to the subjectivity of the fields, you can succeed. In fact, by learning how to learn and prepare yourself to tackle the academic demands of college work, you can improve your chances at getting higher grades throughout college.

Here are the most common skills you can develop to prepare for success in college. For more skills you can develop, contact a student coach today.

Managing Time

Time is the one resource we cannot get more of. We have time and then it is gone. If you have ever sat through a Star Wars or Simpsons marathon, or bingewatched a series on Netflix, you know how fleeting time can be. Managing your time, especially in college, is easy though. You just need to develop good habits.

The first thing you need to figure out is how to spend the time you have, and on what. Write a list of everything you have to do and see how much time you have to spend, at a minimum, to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that any distractions will also take time out of your busy schedule.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique that may work for you. You can use a timer, like the one found here. You work for periods of 25 minutes each, followed by a five minute break. After three of these work periods and breaks, you work for a 25 minute break followed by a fifteen minute break. Then, repeat!

You will be able to do so much more work this way, since you are focused on working each 25 minute work period to the fullest. Suddenly, an hour of productivity using the Pomodoro Technique is comparable to a few hours of simply meandering through your work without a timer or schedule. For more time management techniques, contact a student coach.

Managing Materials

The best way to manage materials is to avoid starting your work until you know you have everything you need to succeed in one place. You should categorize and label your materials. If you have old papers, you can use a filing system. If you have digital files, you can use a digital material management system like Evernote or Google Drive. If you are preparing to work the night before, you should manage all your materials that night, not right before you are going to start working.

Doing schoolwork is similar to baking a cake. You need to ensure you have all the ingredients required for success before starting to bake. If you waste time gathering the ingredients as you need them, rather than collect them beforehand, your cake may be ruined. The same is true for papers and exam prep.