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College Admissions Coaching

College is a huge decision. If this is your first time through the process, it can be overwhelming.
You might ask, is my child ready for the demands of college? Which college will be best for them, and me? How can they increase their chances of college acceptance? What should they write about in their college application essay?
We have a variety of programs to meet your needs, from academic planning to college selection and essay coaching.
Experience one-on-one online guidance through applications and decisions with a College Admissions Coach
Applying to college soon? Get our free eBook about the application process.

What do College Admissions Coaches help with?


Discover the right degree program to achieve career goals


Assistance researching schools to find the best fit


Create compelling essays that stand out above the crowd


Apply for scholarships with a higher chance of winning

Prep Programs

Academic Planning


Coaches meet online with families to answer any questions and strategize for the future, and with students in order to help them excel in class, plan their schedules and activities to make them stand out on a college application, search for best-fit colleges, find and apply to scholarships, practice for interviews, and achieve any other goals they want!


College Selection


Students and families are interviewed, students take career, aptitude and personality tests, then our team begins a thorough research process taking into account what we know and presents a list of colleges that your child has a good chance of getting into, will offer them financial aid if needed, and of course, is a great fit for their career goals and personality! Also includes general application advising.


*Surge Pricing Applies*

Apps & Essays 


Let the professionals help your child stand out! This package includes unlimited online meetings for brainstorming, strategizing, and help developing college application essays that will wow the admissions committee. Families can feel confident that their student's attributes will be fully appreciated by the admissions committee at their target school.

*Surge Pricing Applies*

Career & Education Planning

Students take career, aptitude, and workplace personality assessments and review the results with a College Admissions Coach, who will recommend possible college majors and career paths that suit the talents and desires of your child.


One-Time Application Review


A College Admissions Coach will review your child's completed college application essay, activity list, and other materials, and offer suggestions for improvement so as to maximize their chances of acceptance to their chosen schools.


*Surge Pricing:

Add 25%  - Deadline Within 6 Weeks

Add 50% - Deadline Within 3 Weeks

Add 100% - Deadline within 3 Days



What is Academic Life Coaching?


Please refer to our Academic Life Coaching FAQs for more information.


What is College Admissions Coaching?


Coaching is a proven technique used to help individuals reach new goals while also having someone to be accountable towards. It is a supportive collaboration during which a College Admissions Coach assists a student in clarifying goals, assessing challenges, and coming up with solutions as they relate to college and career choices. Coaches are popular in every field - from business to sports to the arts! We are one of the few firms offering Academic Life Coaching to students who want to accelerate their academics while experiencing less stress over school.


What are the benefits of College Admissions Coaching?


Students who work with a College Admissions Coach are more confident and feel more empowered to achieve their dreams. They have clearer goals for themselves when it comes to school and their future careers. Parents can worry less knowing that their student is working with a Coach who is 100% focused on the student's success throughout the college admissions process.


We are also expert matchmakers and guides when it comes to the school or college admissions process. We can increase your child's chances of acceptance to their top schools in various ways such as mock interviews, essay idea generation, extracurricular advising, test prep and more!


Will College Admissions Coaching help my student get into college?


Absolutely! We teach students all the information they will need to be a competitive college applicant. Not only that, but we will help them do research and guide them through writing their college application essays. However, we cannot make any guarantees that a student will be accepted at a particular college or awarded a scholarship. The field of admissions is often murky and institutional needs tend to matter more than student needs if it can come down to it. 


What grade levels do you offer College Admissions Coaching for?


For our College Selection and App & Essay programs, students need to be a Junior or Senior in high school. Academic Planning can begin as soon as a student is ready to start planning for college.


How will the initial College List interview work?


The family and student will be interviewed separately over video chat and it can be scheduled back-to-back or at different times. Expect the interviews to last around 30m to an hour. The student will be asked to complete several surveys and a career-fit test that will be sent and must be completed before their interview, including sending a copy of their transcript and test scores. After the interview and as the research process begins the Coach may ask for additional information over email.


How long will it take to receive the College List?


Please allow up to 4 weeks from the receipt of all pertinent information to the delivery of your personalized College List. 


What will College Admissions Coaches not do?


College Admissions Coaches will not write or directly edit college admissions essays, contact college admissions counselors on behalf of any student or family, or arrange campus visits or interviews. Coaches will not involve themselves with any financial matters of students or parents, except to guide them toward appropriate resources.


Do you help with filling out the FAFSA?


At this time, we do not currently have financial advisors on staff. However, we collaborate with a number of outstanding financial professionals and will be happy to refer you to one in your area! 


My child needs help raising their SAT score. Can you help with that?


Yes! We have expert Test Prep Coaches available to help your student excel at the SAT and ACT.


What if my student isn't motivated to do work?


In order for a student to benefit from working with a Coach, they have to be willing to put in some work. Students with significant motivational or behavioral issues are probably not a good fit for coaching and are probably not a good candidate for a competitive school or college overall. We can help willing students discover alternative education or career pathways through our Academic Life Coaching program. 


What is your refund policy?


We will only refund services that have not yet been used. Please refer to the Academic Life Coaching FAQs for refund information about that program.


What is your cancellation policy?


Students who cancel with less than 24h notice or who do not show to a scheduled session will either foreit the session or, in the case of an unlimited package, will be charged a $50 cancellation fee which must be paid before continuing to use it. Please refer to the Academic Life Coaching FAQs for cancellation information about that program.


Academc Planning
College Selection
Apps & Essays
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