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Could you or your child use a Fresh Start?

No matter the challenge, our Coaches are here to help!

Academic Performance Coaching is great for:


  • High school and college freshman who have a new academic lifestyle to adjust to. 

  • A student who didn't end up with great grades last marking period and could learn new study, focus, and motivational tactics.

  • Non-traditional students going back to school who need support transitioning back into student life.

  • Students doing well but who need guidance on the road ahead so they can earn admissions to a highly selective college.

Life & Executive Function Coaching is great for:


  • A recent graduate from college who is still struggling to find a job.

  • Adults dealing with ADHD or disorganization who need better structure and strategies to succeed.

Young Businesswomen

What you get:

  • Weekly personalized online Strategy Sessions with a Coach 

  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions

  • Study Skills, Career, Personality, and Aptitude Tests

  • Tailored advice regarding academics, extracurriculars, leadership, and more!

  • Support through challenges and a push to excel when needed

  • Access and training with organizational tools that support success

Commit to maximizing your potential and get the boost you need from a Coach today!


What is Academic Life Coaching?
Coaching is a proven technique used to help individuals reach new goals while also having someone to be accountable towards. It is a supportive collaboration during which an Academic Life Coach assists a student in clarifying goals, assessing challenges, and coming up with solutions. Coaches are popular in every field - from business to sports to the arts! We are one of the few firms offering Academic Life Coaching to students who want to accelerate their academics while experiencing less stress over school.
What are the benefits of Academic Life Coaching?
Students who work with an Academic Life Coach are more confident and feel more empowered to achieve their dreams. They have clearer goals for themselves when it comes to school and their future careers. Parents can worry less knowing that their student is working with a Coach who is 100% focused on the student's success. All students will benefit from learning new tactics for approaching their studies and life as a whole, as well as have someone to give them positive feedback on their progress.
How long do students typically spend in this program?
Many students stay with us throughout their entire academic careers! There is no shortage of topics to cover or goals to achieve. We also work with motivated students who wish to work on only a few skills for just a few months. Other students like to come and go as needed. We are happy to be flexible to meet your needs, although we find that weekly sessions over the span of three months or longer produce the best results. 
What grade levels do you offer coaching for?
We have found that coaching benefits students in High School and College the most. We also offer coaching for young adults who have just graduated from college and are still trying to 'figure things out,' or who are succeeding in their career but are having difficulty staying organized along the way. We do not typically coach Elementary or Middle School students but are willing to discuss the possibility on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly to discuss options if you have a younger student.
Do you work with students with ADHD or other learning difficulties?

Absolutely! We understand the challenges that students with learning difficulties face and are ready to help the student work on overcoming them. Some students will still need more help than we can provide and we can help connect you to resources like therapists and specialists. 
How long is each session?
Strategy Sessions are typically 30-40m long. Students meet over video chat with their Coach at a scheduled time each week. If you've selected to do two sessions per week, they may be scheduled separately or back-to-back as one longer session. Students may contact Coaches at any time over text and email, keeping in mind that if a Coach is currently working with a student (or asleep because it's 2am!), they may not be able to immediately respond.
What topics are covered during sessions?
The most common topics we cover: Time Management, Organization, Note Taking, Textbook Reading, Studying, Test Taking, Essay Writing, Presentations, Communication, Health and Wellness, Careers, College, Leadership, Scholarships - and more! We understand students are more than just their academics, so whatever their goals are, we are here to help! During our first session together, we will discuss the students overall goals, challenges, and what the coaching process will involve and be like. Students will have the chance to tell us what they find works best for them and what their needs are. We do not have a fixed curriculum as every student's needs differ and we want to be adaptable to them.
Do Academic Life Coaches do any work on behalf of students?
Our job is to empower the student to do their own, high-quality, work. We do not do work or speak for students. We are happy to advise students on ways to approach their work or individuals they need to contact. Students are expected to complete their own assignments and talk to their own parents, teachers, admissions counselors, etc.
Will Academic Life Coaching help my student get into college?
Absolutely! We teach students all the skills they will need to be a competitive college applicant. We offer separate programs just for the college application process if your student needs specific help with deciding on schools or writing the application essay. 
What if my student isn't motivated to do work?
In order for a student to benefit from working with a Coach, they have to be willing to put in a little more effort than they would while working on their own. Students with significant motivational or behavioral issues are probably not a good fit for coaching unless they are working with a mental health professional who specifically recommended a Coach. We do not work with students who are failing multiple classes as we find these students typically have underlying issues that we can not treat, such as severe depression, anxiety, gaming/internet/substance addiction, or learning disabilities. 
What if I have to cancel a session?
If you need to reschedule a session, please let us know at least 24h in advance. If you have to skip a week and give us at least 24h notice, we will save it as a session credit that can be used at a later date for extra help or to reschedule a session you had to cancel with less than 24h notice. Sessions canceled with less than 24h notice will not be saved as a credit or refunded.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Easy! Just shoot us an email with your information and let us know you'd like to cancel. We'll take care of it right away! Alternatively, click here to go to your PayPal account from where you can cancel.
What is your refund policy?
We do not refund sessions that have already taken place or were canceled with less than 24h notice. You may cancel your subscription at any time up to 24h before the next billing date. Unused sessions from long term packages will be held as credit toward future sessions or other SCS services unless specified otherwise.

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