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Money-saving tips for college students

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College days are the best days of your life where you get so many new experiences and memories that will accompany you throughout your life. So, if you learn the power of saving also at this stage, that will be a bonus point to carry along. You can inculcate a great habit of saving no matter, even if you save a small amount i...

October 1 is the first day families can access, complete, and submit the 2021-2022 FAFSA and CSS Profile. Anyone logging in sooner will be completing forms for the wrong school year. 

For those of you less familiar with the financial aid process than you'd like, here's some of the most important things you and your families...

College life is a very different phase, unlike school life. A college is a place where we have to deal with things with maturity. The life of a college is very interesting but very hectic. Stress, distractions, bullying, discrimination,  ragging, exam pressure, peer pressure etc.. are some evils that circulate in colleges. We...

If you’re thinking about going into marketing, get ready for an adventure! Marketing is an exciting and competitive field. If you want to perform your best, develop these three important skills.

Persuasive Writing Skills

At some point in their life, almost every student complains that the skills they’re learning are irrelevant...

The college interview process can be nerve-racking. This interview gives the college you’re applying to another opportunity to test you and help determine whether to offer you admission. However, your college interviews won’t be nearly as scary if you know what to expect.

A college interview provides a college with an opportun...

Thanks to an aging population, healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries out there. A career in healthcare does more than just provide you with a paycheck though. You have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those who cross your path. Healthcare offers a broad range of career opportunities. With...

Current job markets are transforming at a breakneck pace. Many career-minded people worry that they won’t be able to keep up with their changing industries. They experience anxiety wondering how they’ll keep up with the competitive job market. But don’t worry! You can make yourself marketable and valuable for today’s markets,...

It is doubtless that the world as it is today is unlike any world the vast majority of you have ever experienced. As we all know, social media is immensely overflowing with anxiety-inducing COVID-19 headlines, and companies in your town are closing sometime around this moment.

So what about some positive news? You still got ad...

Online learning can be intense, but it’s the reality for many this coming school year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on. For most people, it’s drastically different from what they’re used to doing. Instead of being able to go onto campus and study in the library, you’re suddenly stuck at home with your computer, s...

Many times, motivation is unfortunately not at the forefront of students' minds when dealing with work, school, or everyday responsibilities. Mental health is important in the ever so competitive and pressured environments students reside in. Here are top 10 tips/realizations that you should consider as you focus on your ment...

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