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Worried about finishing your college applications?

Stress Less with our

Summer College Essay Special!

College Essays Make-or-Break Admission Decisions


The application essay is the only way an admissions committee gets to know a student’s personality. Very few schools offer interviews these days. Surveys have shown that the essay is the most important part of the application behind grades and test scores. It is a make-or-break factor. Universities want to fill their seats with students who fit with the school culture regardless of academic ability. Because of this, top students can still miss their chance at acceptance.


Did you know, even students with a 4.5 GPA and 1580 SAT score can be rejected from their top choice college?



The Real Problem - Most Essays Are Boring


Most students don’t show their personality in their essays at all. They tell the same kind of stories that committees see over and over again, and are frankly, quite bored of. The kind of essay colleges want to see is not the same kind of essay students learn to write in English class.


While all of our comprehensive college application programs include essay writing assistance, we want to reward those of you who want to get a head start! 

We know that each student has a unique and fascinating perspective on the world, and we want to bring that out! SCS has expert writers on staff who will work closely with your student to help them show - not just tell - who they really are in their applications. We also know how to tailor these stories to individual schools to maximize a students chance of acceptance.


Therefore, we are offering:

Six Online Essay Sessions

  • A Head Start on the Admissions Process

  • Brainstorming assistance

  • Help to refine your message as you write 

  • Final proofreading of your application

Plus Two BONUS Services:

for only


(total regular value: $1100)

  • Academic Skills and College Readiness Diagnostic

  • Career, Personality, and Aptitude Assessment


SCS Coaches are experts in their fields, whether they are teachers, guidance counselors, or professional writers!* Save over 40% by choosing to work with an SCS coach this summer instead of waiting for the fall.


Students who work with us throughout the whole application process have a 100% acceptance
to one of their choice schools.**


Here’s what some of our recent students have had to say:


“I got into the honors college with a full ride! I know my grades helped, but I really think the essay we did together really sold me to the admissions committee!” - Prit V, Temple U '22


“Thank you so much for your help!! I hate writing essays and was really dreading it. It seemed to work because I got into the engineering school!” - Andrew K, Rutgers U '21


"Yay! I’m going to my first choice college! Thanks for all the help with the essays, I wasn’t sure what ideas to go with but they all came out so great in the end!” - Maddy R, U of Vermont '22

Many students have to write up to ten essays for their applications. Don’t put this off until the fall - you won’t have the time to craft something great with so much else going on.


This special pricing offer will end August 31, 2020.

Sessions will expire after December 31, 2020.


*We CAN NOT write essays on behalf of students as it is an ethical violation of the admissions process.

**Due to the increasingly competitive college admissions landscape, we CAN NOT guarantee admission.





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