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How to Keep a Balanced Lifestyle in the Midst of Chaos

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As COVID-19 has put a pause on billions of people’s lives in the world right now, many of us are facing tremendous hardships physically, emotionally, and financially during this unprecedented time. With in-person classes being cancelled, students often find themselves struggling to focus on online classes, having to remember to turn in their homework on time online, and trying to adjust to the new system of virtual school. Meanwhile, having all extracurricular activities such as sports and theatre cancelled also leaves students vulnerable to an unbalanced lifestyle that separates school and leisure time.

  • The key component to keeping a healthy, balanced life is having good time management. With all the distractions especially coming from the Internet world we live in nowadays, keeping a schedule is essential to help you concentrate your efforts on your priorities. Many face challenges when everything is now switched to online due to the circumstances, but following a consistent schedule and completing the items one by one on your to-do list will soon give you a better sense of your daily routine while being quarantined. Being at home makes it more difficult for students to develop the academic mindset that is often driven by their hard-working peers and supportive teachers from a school setting. However, developing helpful study habits and skills will eliminate temptations and keep you on the right track to achievements: find a quiet room with a lot of space to do your work because your bed or your living room with television on is never the answer for efficiency; keep track of due dates and make your schedule around your priorities as procrastination will only lead to turning in a rush essay and not utilizing your full potential; keep your phone on silent mode or even in another room will block all the distractions from the outside world.


  • There should always be a balance between the amount of time spent on school and outside of school. Since social distancing has hindered you from seeing your friends at school, make sure you are not being drowned by homework while still having leisure time by practicing time management. No matter if this is taking a walk in your neighborhood, spending time with your family or friends virtually, reading, working out, painting, playing guitar, or better yet, learning how to play guitar, doing something that you enjoy will certainly add some tastes to the bland, quarantine life we all live in. It is easy to spend your free time on social media or television, and although it is definitely relaxing to do that once in a while, limiting the time spent on technology is important to one’s mental health. The silver lining of this global crisis is that we have all the time in our hands now that we would never have previously: invest this time in something meaningful that would benefit you in the future. This could range from short-term goals like learning to cook a recipe to long-term goals like thinking about majors and colleges. Because at the end, a plan will leave you feeling fulfilled, productive, and accomplished.



  • As many people live under the fear of COVID-19 right now, we are more susceptible to stress and anxiety. A regulated level of stress keeps you motivated and focused, but an intense or prolonged level of stress can be unhealthy. If you are showing signs of stress overload, slow down and reevaluate: pinpoint the root of your anxiety, how could you decrease your stress level, and what could you do differently to prevent stress overload later. There are many ways to relieve stress, and it is important to find the way that works the best for you.



As COVID-19 has put a pause on a lot of aspects of people’s lives right now, having a balanced lifestyle will ensure your physical and mental well-being. It is understandable that this is a stressful time to keep up with school work, build a competitive resume, and plan for your education career, especially if college admission is just around the corner. Student Coaching Services is here to help, regardless if you are struggling with a subject, about to apply for colleges, or simply in need of tips on study skills! We all live under a challenging, unprecedented time right now and you are never alone. From states away or countries away, SCS is here to take as much stress as we can off your child’s or your shoulders!

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