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College Admissions Coaching

One-on-one guidance through applications and decisions

Probably the most stressful part of high school is the college search and application process. Students don’t often have the real-world experience needed to make the best decisions for their careers. Even if they know what they want to do when they “grow up,” having to find a college that is the right fit for their personality and abilities can be overwhelming.

College is expensive and there is a huge risk of wasting tuition money if a student doesn’t pick a school or major that enables them to thrive. Transferring or extending time in school can cause students to lose scholarships and go thousands of dollars more into debt.

College Admissions Coaches handle these stresses alongside each student and their family. From initial search to final decision, Student Coaching Services is there.

What do College Admissions Coaches help with?


Discover the right degree program to achieve career goals


Assistance researching schools to find the best fit


Create compelling essays that stand out above the crowd


Apply for scholarships with a higher chance of winning

The Process

  1. We meet with you and your student over the phone or video chat for a free consultation.

  2. You decide which of our programs best fit the needs of your student and family.

  3. We schedule our first session!

  4. The coach listens intently as they get to know your student's unique personality, desires, needs, and challenges.

  5. Every session a student received tailored advice about college admission and is given assignments for the next session.

  6. In between sessions, the coach is always available for quick advice over text or email!

Program Descriptions

Comprehensive Package


The comprehensive package takes students and their families through each step of the search and application process. The package begins with an initial one-and-a-half to two-hour intake session with parents and student, followed by a series of meetings between the coach and student over the next two years. This package usually starts in the spring of the student’s sophomore year, but can start in the fall of junior year as well, and includes up to 16, hour-long meetings through the final college decision. The package also includes up to 12 hours of research and email/phone communication between sessions.

The process will include, but is not limited to:


  1. Assessment of student’s high school transcript, course schedule and selection, standardized test scores and activities, including identification of academic strengths and weaknesses and referrals for test prep and tutoring.

  2. Academic and extracurricular planning to maximize chances of acceptance.

  3. Personality, career, and skill assessments to better determine the type of college and career that would best suit the student and his or her interests.

  4. Study skill and executive function coaching as needed.

  5. Provision of techniques that can be used to research and compile a final list of college choices.

  6. Assistance researching an appropriate list of ‘best fit’ colleges, with consideration to social and academic comfort, geographic location, and financial need.

  7. Assistance with NCAA requirements and regulations as applicable.

  8. Specific guidance regarding: schedule for test taking, the application process, creating a resume, letters of recommendation, brainstorming and critiquing the college essay, searching and applying for scholarships, showcasing a student’s activities, community service, and work experience, interviewing techniques, and getting the most out of college visits.

  9. One-on-one support to help the student organize college and financial aid materials during the application process.

  10. Assistance researching and applying to scholarships.

  11. Assistance with financial aid forms and/or referrals to finance professionals.

  12. Review and final proofreading of the student’s applications.

  13. Assistance with final decision making after acceptance letters have been received.

Sample Comprehensive Program Timetable


Sophomore Year, Spring – Intake session, academic planning recommendations

Junior Year, Aug-Sept – Personality, career, skill, etc. assessments

Junior Year, Oct-Nov – Determine important factors for college choice

Junior Year, Dec-Jan – Begin a preliminary college list, plan college visits

Junior Year, Feb-Mar – Deciding a major or program, apply for scholarships

Junior Year, Apr-May – Academic planning recommendations, application timetable

Junior/Senior, summer – Begin working on essays, more scholarship applications

Senior Year, Sept – Finalize college list, begin applications

Senior Year, Oct – Letters of recommendation, resume, interview skills

Senior Year, Nov – Finish essays and applications

Senior Year, April – Make final college decision

College Selection and Application Package


The college selection and application package is for students who need assistance primarily with the college and career selection and the application process, beginning in the junior or senior year. The package begins with an intake session with student and parent, followed by up to 10, hour-long meetings that focus on career and major selection, college selection, scholarship searching, essays and the application, letters of recommendation, and final college selection, and other topics as necessary or can fit. It also includes up to 6 hours of research and phone and email communication between meetings.

Application-Only Package


The application-only package is for seniors who have already made most of the decisions regarding majors and college choice. The package includes up to 6, hour-long meetings and 2 research and editing hours that focus on filling out the application, polishing essays, and making the final decision about where to apply.

Career Advising-Only Package


The career-advising package includes a comprehensive assessment that will analyze a student’s aptitudes, interests, workplace style, personality, and more in order to recommend careers that will suit them. After the assessment, a report will be generated and results discussed with the student to determine a best-fit career and possible majors that will lead to qualification.

Package Add-Ons

Add-Ons are discounted from our normal rates when combined with a package


Early Bird Special – Start planning even further ahead by beginning Freshman or earlier in the Sophomore year. 


Expert Essay Sessions – Students without strong writing skills will need more time to develop and write a formidable application essay. 


Test Prep – Prepare for admissions exams with expert tutoring.

Academic Coaching – Learn how to manage time, organize materials, and study for exams in a more efficient and effective manner.