Academic Coaching

Consistent and Individualized Web-Based Support for Each Student

Today’s students are busier than ever. Likewise, so are today’s teachers and parents. Often, students end up slipping because no one's had the time to truly teach them the skills they need for success.


They might be getting by, but it’s coming at the cost of their health. Students who have a hard time managing academics get less sleep and deal with more stress. These students have a high risk of developing physical and mental illness.


Academic Coaches are here to teach students new ways of handling school, and support them every step of the way. Academic Coaches become mentors to students and have only one goal: to see them succeed.

How does Academic Coaching help students?


Set goals and raise self-esteem by achieving them


Manage test anxieties and defeat the procrastination cycle


Learn how to learn and more effective study strategies


Reduce the amount of missing or incomplete assignments

Take our free science-based Academic Skills and College Readiness diagnostic 

Based on psychology research, this in-depth assessment will show which of the seven major skill categories a student is weak or strong in: Reading, Writing, Memorizing, Studying, Focusing, Organizing, and Well-Being.


Use Assessment Code: WSCP

The Process

  1. We meet with you and your student over the phone or video chat for a free consultation.

  2. The student takes our Academic Skills and College Readiness diagnostic.

  3. You get your results and recommendations so you can decide how many hours of coaching per month your student needs.

  4. We schedule our first session!

  5. The coach listens intently as they get to know your student's unique challenges.

  6. Every session a student received tailored advice and sets goals for the next week.

  7. The coach will review progress each week and adjust accordingly.

  8. The student will immediately start seeing results and experience a boost of confidence!