Virtual SAT & College Planning Bootcamps

Modern times call for modern measures, and SCS is ahead of the game!

We are offering a unique college preparatory experience for students who would like to learn in a remote environment.

SAT Prep Bootcamp

  • 3+ Decades of test prep experience from Certified Teachers & College Admissions Professionals

  • Each highly-interactive class is capped at 10 students to ensure a high-quality learning experience 

  • One-on-One option for students who want individual support or a customized schedule

  • Emphasis on Coaching - not just Tutoring - We teach focus, mindset, dealing with test anxiety, motivation, and college advice as well

  • Guaranteed Score Increase as long as student follows program 100% - completes all timed homework, online quizzes & practice tests according to our instruction - or your money back!

  • Unlimited Text & Email Support 

  • Unlimited access to Online Test Prep Platform which includes thousands of targeted practice quiz questions 

  • 10% off future SCS Coaching & College Advising Programs

SAT Prep Bootcamp

Summer 2020

Schedule & Pricing Options

Tuesdays & Thursdays

July 7th-30th


Class A:  2pm-4pm
Class B: 6pm-8pm


Class A: 11am-1pm

Class B: 4pm-6pm

Note: July 21st Math Class A

will be 9-11am

Tuesdays & Thursdays

August 4th-27th


Class A:  2pm-4pm

Class B: 6pm-8pm


Class A: 9am-11am

Class B: 12pm-2pm

32h SAT Class: $3500

32h SAT One on One: $5000

Deposit to hold your spot: $100

Deposit is non-refundable unless you are placed on the waitlist

College Planning


  • Expert college list advice from an experienced Academic Performance Coach & College Admissions Adviser, IECA Member

  • Each highly-interactive class is capped at 10 students to ensure a high-quality learning experience 

  • One-on-One option for students who want individual support or a customized schedule

  • Unlimited Text & Email Support 

  • Career, Personality & Workplace Style Assessments

  • Expert review of essay drafts and activities list during bootcamp

  • Free One-Time College App Review before Oct 1st 

  • 10% off future SCS Coaching & College Advising Programs

College Planning Bootcamp

Summer 2020

Schedule & Pricing Options

Mondays & Wednesdays

July 6th-29th

Class A:  11am-1pm
Class B: 2pm-4pm


July 29th Class B will be 4-6pm

Mondays & Wednesdays

August 1st-26th

Class A:  9am-11am
Class B: 12pm-2pm

16h College Planning Class: $1500

16h College Planning One on One: $2500

Deposit to hold your spot: $100

Deposit is non-refundable unless you are placed on the waitlist

Meet Your Coaches

Nikki Bruno - English & College Planning

Ruben Gomez - Math


Nikki and Ruben really helped me prepare for the SAT. When I didn't understand something, they helped me understand it. I felt better taking the test than I did before.


Working with Nikki helped raise my daughter's English scores by 100 points! She was flexible with scheduling and took the time to explain difficult concepts, increasing my daughters confidence. We will be using her services for college admissions as well and have the utmost confidence in her abilities.


Thanks to Nikki, I got a 1560 on my SAT! She helped me understand how the reading questions were designed to trick me, so I didn't fall for them. She taught me how not to fall for tricks in the grammar section too.


Nikki and the team at SCS are fabulous. I would never hesitate to refer any of my loved ones to them. They are incredibly knowledgeable and really have a knack for identifying and understanding different peoples strengths and weaknesses. Every student learns differently and they are great at utilizing the appropriate teaching styles for each individual. Great job as always!


Mr. Ruben Gomez helped my son with his Math SAT prep. Mr. Ruben not only taught subject matter but also helped my son in learning simplified techniques for problem solving and showed time management in the crunch hours of SAT. He was punctual in his tutoring timing, very professional and cordial. Under Mr. Rubens guidance, my son improved his Math score from 720 in Pre SAT to a perfect 800 in the final SAT he took. What a magnificent transformation. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Ruben for his guidance and help .Will I recommend Mr. Ruben to others... CERTAINLY!!!

I want to say we appreciate everything you've done to help our son develop important attitudes and skills for success! You may not always be able to tell it, but we have seen great growth in his thinking and his ability to manage commitments, and that's due to your coaching and encouragement. I'm especially happy to see that now he can manage his calendars on mobile devices, send invitations to post on our calendars, set alarms, etc. That may not seem like the most important thing, but it's foundational, and he certainly wasn't doing any of it before he started working with you. He also would never have been able to create and flesh out a speech outline on his own - more credit for you! Those certainly are not the only two skills you've helped him hone.

- M.A.

I am writing on behalf of Ruben Gomez, who tutored all four of our sons for the SAT Math section. Our oldest son, prepped with Ruben in 2008 and immediately connected with Ruben’s technique and motivational style. He enjoyed the challenge and techniques that Ruben provided and his SAT Math scores improved to the level that he had hoped for. Our 2nd son prepped with Ruben during 2009-10. He also appreciated and respected Ruben’s style and techniques and was encouraged to do problem after problem, focus and concentrate to improve his Math scores, which he also did! Our 3rd son also prepped with Ruben in 2013, and he also had the same positive results and improvement with his scores. And lastly, our youngest son has been Ruben’s most recent student! He probably embraced Ruben’s style and technique the most, and as a result achieved the most dramatic improvement in his Math scores! He met with Ruben during July and August 2018
and studied and committed to doing hours of at home study and math problems. As a result, his Math SAT score went from a 630 (March 2018) 660 (May 2018) to a 710 (August 2018) and his high of 750 (October 2018). With Ruben’s constant motivation and our son's commitment to improving his score he achieved the Math score that he was hoping for!  My husband and I are grateful for Ruben and so are our sons. After our oldest son met with Ruben, he came home and said "Ruben is the man!” All four of our sons formed an instant bond with Ruben and they not only improved their individual SAT scores but they formed an immediate connection with Ruben that we are all grateful for. I have confidently recommended numerous friends’ children to Ruben for one on one prep tutoring and will continue to do so! This is one very satisfied customer!


Nikki was a student coach for my son who is now a rising junior. She started with him in December of his sophomore year with his grades being "all over the place", primarily due to his missed homework and lack of time management. I knew something was working for him when he would regularly forget to do his chores but always remembered his weekly appointments with his student coach. Happily for me, and him, he finished the school year with all As. Even during the summer, he continues to apply the study habits he learned and is still motivated to do his best. Nikki gets my highest recommendation.


My son has been coached by Nikki from student coaching services for past 2 years since he was 9th grade. The best coach I have come across so far and she always put an individual attention to the student to ensure my son is on top of his extra curricular and academic. Very approachable at any time and she always makes time to fulfill the needs of my requirement. I’m glad that I found her and I’ll be working with her for my daughter too for her school admission.


Hey Nikki, I am thrilled to report that my son is 6 for 6 on his college applications, all acceptances!! He received decent scholarship offers too. Thank you so much for all of your help!! 


Your help in the essay process and deciding process really took a lot of weight off of my shoulders. It was a much easier time with you around. Thank you!


Nikki does a great job helping students with whatever they need. Her feedback on things such as school admission personal statements are superb! Highly recommend.


Application to college can be daunting to many as it was for me. I felt as though I was completely clueless as I began them. Ms. Bruno made sure that I knew everything that I needed to, helped me to stay on track, assisted me with my essays, and thoroughly guided me through the assembly of multiple applications. She is highly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, extremely fast with responses, and is highly adaptable to a tight schedule. I would recommend her to anyone who needs any type of assistance regarding their own application process.


We contacted Ms. Nikki Bruno requesting her help in preparing our daughter for an interview for an high school admission. Given that it was the first interview ever for my daughter, Ms. Bruno helped her overcome fear and helped focus on her strength. Ms. Bruno was very knowledgeable in this field and helped my daughter in putting together a set of possible discussion points that helped her in the actual interview. I highly recommend her.


Nikki has been instrumental in me getting my life together and staying on top of my schoolwork. We've been working together for two years now, including my semester in a different country (we met over video chat), and honestly I can't understate how helpful it's been. With so many things to worry about and have to take care of, including school, two extracurriculars, health, food, it's easy to freak out, but Nikki helped me balance that and be realistic about what I can do.
She was good at being real with me, which, let's be honest, is very necessary.
Sometimes when I'm really overwhelmed by what I have to do, I still say to myself, "okay, channel your inner Nikki"


Detailed Course Outlines


DIAGNOSTIC - self-scored multiple choice, email essay for grading

Class 1:
Intro to SAT Course & Online Platform
Test-Taking Mindset & Anti-Anxiety Strategies
Intro to Reading Strategy & Practice

HW: Focus Drills, Practice Reading Section, Online English Modules 1&2

Class 2:
Review Reading Diagnostic & HW Assignments
Intro to Grammar Strategy & Practice

HW: Focus Drills, Practice Grammar Section, Online English Modules 3, 4, 5

Class 3:
Review Grammar Diagnostic & HW Assignments
Intro to Essay Strategy & Practice

HW: Focus Drills, Practice Essay, Online English Modules 6&7

Class 4:
Review Essay Diagnostic & HW Assignments
Mastering Difficult Reading Passages

HW: Focus Drills, Practice Reading & Grammar Section, Online English Modules 8, 9, 10

MIDTERM - self-scored multiple choice, email essay for grading

Class 5:
Review Reading Midterm & HW Assignments
Mastering Difficult Grammar Questions

HW: Focus Drills, Practice Reading & Grammar Section, Online English Modules 11&12

Class 6:
Review Grammar Midterm & HW Assignments
Maximizing Your Essay Score

HW: Focus Drills, Two Practice Essays, Online English Modules 13, 14, 15

Class 7:
Review Essay Midterm & HW Assignments
Review Reading, Grammar & Essay Strategy & Targeted Practice

HW: Focus Drills, Full Practice Test - English, Online English Module 16

FINAL - self-scored multiple choice, email essay for grading

Class 8:
Review Final Exam & HW Assignments
Tips for Test Day

HW: Complete the two full practice tests online 2 weeks and 1 week before your SAT exam, complete targeted online platform quizzes at least twice a week in the time between the end of the course and 2 weeks before your exam. Optional: Schedule 1-on-1 Coaching sessions to fine-tune your skills and take extra practice tests.


College Planning

Week 1:
Readying Yourself Academically & Mentally
Discovering & Choosing a Fulfilling Career Niche
Types of College Programs
How to Effectively Research & Find Best-Fit Colleges 

HW: Career & Personality Assessments, Work on College List

Week 2:
When and How to Apply to College
Parts of the Application
Resumes and Interviews Best Practices
How to Write the Admissions Essays

HW: Essay Drafts, Begin filling out Common App

Week 3:
How to Pay for College
Personal Finance
Career Boosting Skills

HW: Build a Scholarship List, Interview Professionals in Desired Field

Week 4:
Time & Focus Management 
Study Skills for College-Level Learning
Health, Safety & Social Life
Peer Review Essays

HW: Finish filling out applications & finalize essay drafts for review



Unit 1 (Two Hours)
     Skill: 1 Coaching Format of the Exam
              A. Sections Formulas provided and to memorize
              B.  How questions are organized and best approach to answer. 
    Skill: 2 Coaching Stress and Anxiety Strategies
              A. Variable Answer Choices
              B. Working Backwards
     Homework to practice skills 1 and 2 along with Practice SAT Exam and online modules. 

Unit 2 (Two hours)
     Skill: 1  Strategy Words to Equations.
              A. Identifying the target question.
              B. Concepts regarding ratios, percents, consecutive integers,     
                  Averages, percent increase, growth, decay, Mean Median 
                  Mode, direct and inverse relationships
    Skill: 2 Strategy
             A. What are nice values?
             B. What to do when no values are given?
     Homework to practice skills 1 and 2 along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules. 

Unit 3 (Two hours) 
     Skill: 1 Figure Not To Scale Approach and Strategy.
             A. What is this about? and solving techniques
     Skill 2 What you were not taught in HS Math Class
             A.  Topics Alg I, Alg II and Geometry 
     Homework to practice skills 1 and 2 along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules.

Unit 4 HEART OF ALGEBRA (2 hours)
     Skill: 1 One Variable Simplifying and Solving  
     Skill: 2 Creating and Interpreting
     Skill: 3 Two Variables Simplifying and Solving Systems  
     Skill: 4 Creating and Interpreting 
     Skill: 5 Determining Coefficients and No Solutions or Infinite Solutions
     Skill: 6 Recognizing Connections Between Linear Equations and their 
Homework to practice skills 1 through 6  along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules.


Unit 5 Problem Solving and Data Analysis (2 hours)
     Skill: 1 Maintaining and Changing Ratios
     Skill: 2 Percent and Averages Combined
     Skill: 3 Solving with Units and Unit Conversions
     Skill: 4 Scatterplots Identifying and Predicting  Models 
     Skill: 5 Two-Variable Relationships Recognizing Graphical 
     Skill: 6 Two Variable Identifying the Strength of Association
     Skill: 7 Linear Growth with Exponential Growth Comparison
     Skill: 8 Relative Frequency and Conditional Probability in Tables
     Skill: 9 Making Inferences About Population Parameters Based on 
                Sample Data
     Skill: 10 Measures of Center and Spread Calculating and Comparing
     Skill: 11 Modifying Measures of Center and Spread
     Skill: 12 Evaluating Reports and Graphs to make Inferences
Homework to practice skills 1 through 12  along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules

Unit 6 Passport to Advanced Math (3 hours)
     Skill: 1 Creating Quadratic and Exponential Functions
     Skill: 2 Creating Equivalent Expressions with Radical or Rational 
     Skill: 3 Creating Equivalent Forms of Expressions
     Skill: 4 Solving Quadratics Equations
     Skill: 5 Completing the Square
     Skill: 6 Creating Equivalent Forms to Reveal Particular Traits 
     Skill: 7 One Variable Radical and Rational Equations
     Skill: 8 Mixed Systems Solving
     Skill: 9 Rational Expressions and Polynomial Expressions 
     Skill:10 Interpreting Non-Linear Expressions or Equations
     Skill: 11 Zeros and the Factor of Polynomials
     Skill: 12 Identifying Non-Linear Equations and Their Graphs
     Skill: 13 Function Notation 
     Skill: 14 Solving for a Variable
Homework to practice skills 1 through 14  along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules.

Unit 7 Additional Topics in Math (3 hours)
     Skill: 1 Calculating Volume for Standard Solid and Non-Standard Solids
     Skill: 2 Working with 3-D Ratios
     Skill: 3 The Pythagorean Theorem
     Skill: 4 Using Trigonometric Ratios SOHCAHTOA
     Skill: 5 Working with Complex Numbers
     Skill: 6 Converting Between Degrees and Radians
     Skill: 7 Using Radians to Determine Arc Length
     Skill: 8 Using Trigonometric Functions of Radian Measure
     Skill: 9 Applying Theorems about Circles
     Skill: 10 Understanding Congruence and Similarity
     Skill: 11 Utilizing Similarity and Trigonometry in Right Triangles
     Skill: 12 Creating and Solving Circle Equations in Two Variables 
Homework to practice skills 1 through 12  along with Practice SAT Exams and online modules




Last class will review Final and Targeted problems