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Skills You Should Cultivate if You Want the Jobs of the Future

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Most students do not look forward to standardized tests, even if these students are good test takers. Unlike with regular school assignments, where there is a general safety net since you have many assignments and thus, the ability to do better later on, standardized tests are usually not taken more than once. If a student do...

Just a couple weeks ago the PSAT scores were released for high schoolers and parents to see. Even though many schools give it as part of a regular curriculum, not all students take it seriously. However, the PSAT can be seriously useful.

The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT, is a guiding tool that helps high school students across t...

How do I get into a good college?

Yikes! It's time to start putting together those applications. No pressure or anything.. they just have a fair chance of determining the course of the rest of your life. Yeah I know, you're not old enough to vote yet but you're expected to make such a huge decision? Anyone else about to have a...



How to Study for Standardized Tests: The SAT and the ACT


As a high school student, you have probably experienced common core throughout your academic life. The standardized knowledge you have received in school has ensured that you and your peers are on the same level, academically. However, if you want to go to college or...

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